Should the US become a Christian Nation?


Given what we are dealing with in this day and age, perhaps “change” would be better if we fully owned the fact that the US was founded on Judeo-Christian values. I’m not saying we need to get specific and say everyone must be Catholic or Protestant. And I’m not saying we should persecute those who aren’t Christian in their own homes either. I’m just saying, perhaps we should truly own it and include it in our laws. There maybe some laws that conflict if we do so but it would take work. I think perhaps we might be better balanced as a nation that way. I’m not say this will make things perfect, I’m sure Christian will find something to argue over.

I would love to know how many Catholics believe the United States should become a Christian Nation? We have countries who are Muslim, their laws don’t allow certain things due to their faith and the rest of the world accepts it.

*This is not meant to upset anyone. I don’t need rhetorical questions on “why do I think the founding fathers did x, y and z?” I love the USA, I’m a huge fan of the revolutionary time frame. I am usually an advocate to upholding what we were founded on and I think it makes America great. People want to come here! However people seem to seek change, now. In God We Trust upsets some folks and in this day and age, they have found a way around it because of what our country is founded on.


I don’t think it would help at all since even self professed Christians are capable injustice. and of course that would make all non-Christians second class citizens. Terrible idea.


Lots of folks are capable of injustice right now, and it’s bad. We are in the middle of it now, it’s time to implement something we haven’t tried. I still love the idea.


Well, you’re posting on a Catholic forum, so expect a wave of opposition…


That’s okay, I’ve heard folks at my church for it. I’m looking for what people have to say. I haven’t thought it through but I don’t think it’s horrible. If you wish to be short that’s okay too.


If you didn’t catch the sarcasm, what I’m trying to say is that everyone on this forum would like the US, and all other nations, to become Christian. There’s not much of a debate to be had here.



Actually my in-laws are very much for the Constitution and how this country was founded. Separation of church and state is important to them. But it can be an open door. I’m part of a large military family (including my in-laws). Although they are Christian (different faiths of Christianity) upholding the Constitution is first even when they’re not at work.


Well, that’s for them to believe. I think the vast majority of people here would support ingraining Christian values into Government.


That’s good to hear.


To what end?

And just to clarify, we are a nation based on Judeo-Christian beliefs, not just Christian.

While I consider myself a devout catholic, I don’t want to live in a theocracy, so my vote would be a resounding NO

I love the constitution and even though Separation of Church and State is not in the US Constitution, it is an ideal that I support for the most part.


Well now Christian values is another topic because they are not exclusively Christian and I could foresee a Christian Nation that does not practice Christian values.


You want the Government to involve itself in religion? Why did the Pilgrim Fathers leave England? Because the Government there involved itself in religion. I suggest you think again.




Yes, I’ve heard that too, I agree with it…generally. I can see the beauty in that as well. It just seems to leave a lot of open doors for even Satan lately. You are right it’s Judeo-Christian.


Yeah, I was speaking for “change” not Obama kind but the Christian kind that we need. What our fore-fathers did is amazing, I love the Revolutionary time period. My kids dress up as Betsy Ross and Washington during the 4th of July!

But again, for this day and age…it’s been an open door from some points of view.


Welp, there is opposition. I’m curious to see if it will be a wave myself. But more importantly, what is to be said that I didn’t think of. :slight_smile:


Considering that some Christians think that homosexuality is acceptable and some think abortion is acceptable and some think the death penalty is acceptable and… I don’t see how such a change would settle our disputes.


Yeah, that would be one issue. Perhaps the older Judeo-Christian thoughts vs today’s?


No way. Who gets to decide what is “Christian”? What if it’s someone who thinks Catholics aren’t Christian.


Then we vote them out! Haha. I don’t know…it would need to be worked out.


Now, that would be hypocrisy.

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