Should there be a dress code for EMsHC, readers, cantors, servers, etc?

Should EMsHC, readers, cantors, servers and other visible liturgical ministers be required to dress at least at a minimum level at Mass in order to take part in their ministries?

In your own opinion, what do you think is the minimum dress code for those engaged in visible liturgical ministries during the Mass?

My parish tried it. Basically the dress code was business casual. People already dressed that way or better so there was no change. .

When people checked into why the pastor suddenly thought a dress code was needed, it was meant to deal with one lector who dressed inalpropriately. A number of people basically told the pastorr to man up and tell her rather than hope some general policy would get her attention.

Yes yes yes ! I’ve been to many parishes where some servers in the summer time were better dressed either for a beach or a dance club.

I would say clothing suitable for work places that have either a business casual or professional code of dress would be suitable for Mass. Clothing more suited for the beach, the pool, dance club, rock concert, playing sports, going to sporting events, etc has no place at Mass no matter if you are serving or not.

Ideally, I’d like to see the following with the warm summer months ahead:

Men – no shorts at all, short sleeved shirts - button down or plain shirt without writing on with or without a collar, khaki/docker pants or dress pants, regular dress/plain shoes, no denim, no sandals of any type, no tennis shoes (unless a health or other reason warrants it - then a dark color like black preferred over white)

Women - no shorts at all, capris that reach the knee region or below, dress/skirt not revealing & reaching the knee caps region at minimum, Shirts / top of dress covers the shoulders at minimum and does not dip more than 2 finger breadths below pit of throat, clothing not tight/revealing, dress sandals okay, flip flops not okay, dress pants or khaki pants, no tennis shoes (unless a health or other reason warrants it - then a dark color like black preferred over white)

Did it work? It sounds like the pastor was given good advice.

Just this morning I saw one of our readers get out of his car. He was wearing a white button down shirt, running shorts and deck shoes. I stopped to talk and as we were talking he pulled on a nice pair of khakis and tucked in his shirt. He looped a tie around his neck and pulled a navy blue blazer from his car. He then excused himself to the lavatory.

By the time he came up to read, he really looked presentable and it took very little effort.

Sometimes I long for one but I doubt that those who need one would pay attention anyway. And footwear is the least of my worries.

I think everyone would think that some dress code should be imposed. Hopefully no one thinks you should be able to serve naked!

I think at a minimum shoulders and knees should be covered. I think ideally men should wear a tie and a jacket. Women shouldn’t wear anything too tight or revealing up top.

Probably not.

Rather, I think when people are trained for a particular ministry, they should be reminded of what “proper attire” would be for that particular ministry.

The altar servers at my parish, for example, are told to wear dark shoes and dark socks. They were full-length cassocks and surplices, but their shoes (and sometimes socks) still show as they walk about and when they kneel.

Incidentally, the mass at which I play the organ is the mass our 8th grade confirmation students are required to attend together. They are given a variety of t-shirts – the first one says “Catholic and Proud” – throughout the school year, and are told to wear these t-shirts to mass. This solves the problem of modesty for both the boys and girls, as well as shirts with inappropriate images and language on them. Win-win.

Bravo, Youth Ministry! :clapping:

I think our church probably has a dress code for anyone helping out with the Mass.

Absolutely and while we’re on the subject :
so many Mass attendees are not dressed appropriately
to meet their Savoir. How can they show so little respect?

Sorry to vent:mad:

I don’t think ours does (if they do, it’s not enforced at the Saturday evening Liturgy). I see a lot of shorts, jeans, and sneakers. It’s just an observation on my part. Personally, I wouldn’t wear any of those things to church (and it would be nice to see people dress up more), but I also wouldn’t say anything to our pastor and make a big deal out of it. Nor do I pass any judgment on parishioners for how they dress.

Good luck getting the teen age girls to give up their yoga pants, skin tight leggings, or whatever they call them. When I went to high school, they were called underwear.

Musings of an old fogy:p:rolleyes::nerd:

I don’t have a big budget for clothing so I usually wear a nice pair of blue jeans and a nice blouse and my sneakers - which I admit I do need a new pair. They are looking worn.
I live in a tourist town so the summer fashion can be pretty interesting!

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