Should there be a female James Bond or not?


What is your view?
Personally I don’t really think so.
Anyway,even when “Hollywood” does make action movies with female leads they usually do it in a way to appeal to male audiences (eg:Lara croft sex appeal and tight clothes etc) so if a female Bond was made in the same way,then she wouldn’t she really just be still like the 1960’s Bond girls stereotype-the only difference would probably be that she is able to fight?


female spies/ assassins ?

Giacomina Bond?


I don’t care, since I don’t watch the movies anyways- but a female James Bond for the sake of a female James Bond? Where can we end it? Can we not rest until every race and “possible gender” portrays 007?


I think you have been the on/off CAF James Bond.


I think that Hollywood is running out of ideas/getting lazy and using social justice as an excuse to recycle old stories for a quick buck.

If a female James Bond gets made, I imagine it will go as well as the all-female Ghost Busters movie.


Lol,what do you mean?
I love CAF but it’s hard to find time with work etc…I wish there were more hours in the day.


It seems all a bit more political rather than natural.
I can only hope if they do go ahead with it that it is done well and cast well.


Who would be good fit to play the role?


No, because Bond was always depicted as sleeping around .Why would we want a woman version of that …:thinking:


NO female James Bond. Once you go there, the next stop is female priests! :tired_face:


I like that in Her Majesty’s Secret service Bond actually married Tracy.
Of course though they only permitted that as part of the script because she gets killed 5 minute later😉


No, there shouldn’t be, just as there shouldn’t be a male Lara Croft. It deviates too much from the character’s identity.

I think there are way too many bad a** female characters nowadays. What’s wrong with feminine women?


The new Lara Croft wasn’t so sexualised, which actually annoyed male fans.

I don’t care enough to be bothered over a female Bond. I would like a female spy movie though, no matter the character. I think Emily Blunt would be great, but that could be because I’m quite fond of her as an actress :slight_smile:

Edit: if they made a female Bond, I don’t think she would be the way you described. Feminists have been criticising such portrayal of women recently.


Maybe your right in the current climate.
I guess it would depend who got the most say/influence about it.


I thought “James Bond” was the same person throughout all the films just at different points in his career. Bond would be nearly 100 years old today but still in middle-aged. So I don’t really think there should be a female James Bond when he’s always been male and has expressed no desire to change gender.

But a film based around a female secret agent would be fine. It just wouldn’t be true Bond.


I have seen a couple of James Bond films .

They are not my cup of tea .

We have enough male James Bonds without having a female one .

And we have enough james Bond films already .


Any movies coming out on the silver screen are heavily scrutinized in production from a financial end.

Data (and common sense) will tell us that most of the sales from James Bond movies comes from men. Men can and do like female characters in action / spy movies, especially women with guns, which is often seen as attractive. So, in itself, a female James Bond isn’t necessarily a bad idea. It is marketable. Now, if the movie gets loaded with hamfisted SJW themes - like with the horrendously done Last Jedi - you can safely expect for the ticket sales to plummet.

The interesting thing to all of this, is that some individuals high up in corporate, or producers themselves, are so ideologically charged in their neo-Marxist ideals, that they might go ahead and make a politically charged movie anyway, even if it means losing lots of money.

All that being said, James Bond isn’t at all a good model for Catholics/Christians no matter what sex the person is, and I think one should find something else to watch.



We have wonder woman!


Isn’t there been enough attempts at female spy movies? I sometimes wish they would just end certain movie franchises. Every good story needs an ending.


I thought this was a Maxirad thread for a minute…

There already were “female James Bond” type characters in movies back when James Bond and spy movies were very hot in the 1960s-early 1970s cold war/ hot sex era. “Modesty Blaise” is the one that springs to my mind.

Do we need one today? I don’t think so. I would not be interested in seeing one myself, anyway. James Bond is an archetype rooted in another era and I like him just the way he is, including male.

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