Should there be a female James Bond or not?


Also, I just remembered that the original Casino Royale movie had not one, but FOUR female James Bonds in it already. (Played by Ursula Andress, Joanna Pettet, Daliah Lavi, and Barbara Bouchet)


Just say no to female James Bond.

Imagine all the movies that could be remade using opposite gender roles? Manny Poppins. The Godmother. :wink:


Oh man, i would pay money to see that! :joy:

Although I suppose we have already had it to some extent with Mr. Belvidere, Mr. French, and Mrs. Doubtfire.


Well no, now we would have to see Mr. Doubtfire, a woman dressing as a man to spend time with her children, probably on the soccer field.


Oh I couldn’t stop laughing!!!:laughing::laughing::+1:


Oh another good one!!! :joy::joy::joy:


No doubt Mr. Doubtfire would be played by Amy Schumer in bad male drag


Or Melissa McCarthy.

And of course, we need to see Groundhog Day remade.


With a female Groundhog.

Punxsutawney Philippa.


I’m not sure it would be a good idea but if they do it at all, I’d like to see Uma Thurman in the role. She’s about the same age as Daniel Craig, in fact a year or two younger, I think.


Didn’t she already kind of play the same part in Kill Bill?

If we’re going to expand the concept of James Bond, let’s have a black James Bond also.

Maybe a black female James Bond. Get Pam Grier out of retirement. I enjoyed “Jackie Brown” and her old 70s movies.


i don’t think so. especially if her name is James Bond!


They could call her “Jamie”


Manny Poppins🤣


There’s already talk that the next one or two will be a black James Bond.


No. I’m not even a James Bond fan, but what was great about the James Bond stories is the classical archetypes of the masculine hero, the damsel in distress, and the quirky villain. To disrupt it (like they did with Frozen) for the sake of pushing an agenda is nonsense.


It wouldn’t be James Bond since James, until our recent transgender insanity, was clearly the name of a biological male. Personally I find female action leads ridiculous. The idea that a skinny, short woman would be whipping up on men is silly. I realize James Bond movies have a certain amount of silliness, but that would be too much.


Just no. Put a female in the role and it’s no longer James Bond. Let 'em create their own secret service, I say!


I’m holding out hope that one day we will have a female Abe Lincoln.


And every species as well. Like you, I don’t care since they’re not my kind of movie.

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