Should there be a female James Bond or not?


James Bond the fictional character was the creation of author Ian Fleming. He, himself was in British Naval intelligence and created the 007 character partly based on his experiences. To change would be disingenuous in my opinion.

I did, however, crack up at the idea of Manny Poppins etc!.:grin::grin::grin: Clever!


Right. There’s no reason they can’t make a movie centered around a female spy. But if they were to make her the “new James Bond”, then it is part of a recognizable franchise and their marketing job is 10 times easier.

I wouldn’t really care that much as I don’t generally watch the Bond movies. I don’t generally like it when creative forces co-opt existing intellectual property just because it’s easier for them than telling an original story with original characters. But that recognizability ensures they will make more money, which means they will continue doing things like that because it’s a strategy with a higher success rate than starting from scratch.


Eh, I’ve stopped caring. On the one hand, why can’t they create a new brand with a female lead? On the other hand, they want the power of the brand behind it. There’s absolutely no reason you can’t have that type of spy movie with a women leading it. Still, I’d like to think they’re doing it because they think it’s an interesting take on the brand, not just because they feel they have to change the brand and fill it with browbeating levels of social commentary (social commentary is fine, but it should feel naturally part of the story).





The next Doctor (Who) will be a woman. I wasn’t happy about the concept at first, but Michelle Gomez did an excellent job as a female version of the Master.


As a side note, a woman named Betty Pack was the real female James Bond of WW-II. Her story is told in Harold Blum’s book “The Last Goodnight.”

“Betty Pack was charming, beautiful, and intelligent—and she knew it. As an agent for Britain’s MI-6 and then America’s OSS during World War II, these qualities proved crucial to her success. This is the remarkable story of this “Mata Hari from Minnesota” (Time) and the passions that ruled her tempestuous life—a life filled with dangerous liaisons and death-defying missions vital to the Allied victory.”


Accept no substitute!


I would pay money to see a female Lincoln, but only if they included a male Mary Todd


I think she should constantly surround herself with responsible professional men who are very attentive to her needs and get along well with children.

(Remember: Bond girls are a typical man’s fantasy. Male bimbos would hardly qualify as a typical woman’s fantasy. And it would be nice for men to get to feel what it’s like to be completely commodified, if a female Bond could pull that off.)


Absolutely no female Bond.
That would disrespect Ian Fleming who created James Bond and authored the books.


No, there should not be a Jane Bond.

Let men be men and women be women.

Shall there also be a male wonderwoman?


The Summer Bockbuster—Melania Trump (known as Melanie to her husband) playing Jamie Bond in “All The President’s Women”. In this one, Jamie goes undercover (you know, “Spygate”) as the U. S. President’s wife (a terrible assignment, but someone has to do it) to discover if anything the President says is actually true! 007–is it Donald’s shoe size or his I.Q.? Only Jamie Bond can find out!


I’m not even a huge fan of Daniel Craig’s Bond because he doesn’t fit the “Bond image” for me.

I would be okay with a black Bond, but a woman Bond? Bond isn’t a woman. If people want a strong female lead, they should create their own franchise, not hijack an iconic one that already exists. It can be done: look at Lara Croft in “Tomb Raider” or Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley from the Alien movies.


I would not like a female Bond, but then I don’t like the male Bond so my viewpoint is probably biased.
James Bond uses up women; to him they’re disposable accessories. A female Bond would either use up men the same way or be a femme fatale, a fap-fantasy for male fans. Either way not good.


Daniel Craig’s Bond is a gritty, cynical version which deconstructs the tropes commonly used in prior Bond movies. Jason Bourne already does that and does it better. So did Kingsman too.

What makes Bond fun is the fact that it is male escapist fantasy. That makes female Bond already a stupid idea.

If you want a good female spy movie, give ScarJo a Black Widow movie and have her team up with Hawkeye to fight the Winter Soldier or something like that.


All I know is I miss…

well as much as I can, being my son’s age when he died!


With a side note of it fhey speak Russian get somebody who actually speaks it natively to act as a consultant. There is a scene in the first Avengers movie where criminals have kidnapped Natasha (which by the way is not used as a name in that way in Russia, but that’s another matter) and people start speaking Russian. The Russian is awfully bad, much of it is obviously people learning it phoenitcally. Arrow is another superhero based franchise where that went on.


The fact the Doctor changes every regeneration made this less of a problem. The fact the Doctor always regenerates into incarnations who have accents from regions of Britain is fascinating though, we let it go as viewers because it can be worked around with a bit of thought. What we see of the Doctor is after all always suggested to be only what he lets people see.


A female James Bond? No. A spin off where there is a female as another 00 agent? Absolutely. We rarely get to see other 00’s in the series, and I’m always fascinated whenever they show up.


The original Moneypenny, played by Lois Maxwell, was only ever seen as M’s secretary or assistant in the office environment (except, of course, in her daydreams about James Bond). In contrast, the new Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) who first appeared in Skyfall, is also occasionally given the chance to see some action:

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