Should there be a female James Bond or not?


For starters, if there was a “female James Bond” then it would not be James Bond. It would have to be a totally new character.

And regardless of what feminists think, men do not find it cool when a woman has had as many sexual partners as James Bond has. It’s a turn off for most men.


Baywatch or Mrs. James Bond?

I know you would pick Baywatch :joy:


And you don’t think James Bond is a turn off to many women for the same reason? Do you, as a man, not find his many sexual partners a turn off?


Let him go… he’s jealous of how women are making him look like a fool.


No. I have no problem with making a movie about a woman who is a spy/government agent. But create a new character, give her a good story and don’t just make James Bond a female. That would be silly.


Ocean movie is doing it with female cast.


For some reason, I don’t think that will be a reality…

The name is right there, James Bond.

With Ghostbusters and Oceans 8 (which is more of a spin-off, really), it’s easier to change the cast and pretend that it’s normal.

I don’t like the Bond movies. I prefer the Mission Impossible franchise (maybe because the action is better) and there were strong female characters in it. So yeah, it’s possible to have women in these movies who are not sex objects for the lonely male audience, lol.

I like the idea of a spin off where we see another 00 agent better.


Honestly, that seems more likely anyway. Why supplant the lead in a lucrative franchise when you can spin it off into another one? Then it can build up to a joint film with both agents. Shared universes are all the rage nowadays.


Hello @Irishmom2 - I was not implying the same isn’t the case for women.

My point is that most people who go to see James Bond movies are men. A female James Bond is going to attract less men to the film, which will still be the target audience.


Will be interesting to see how it does at the box office


Sandra Bullock or some other classy and beautiful woman


Precisely. I doubt most women would like it if we got a Jamie Bond instead of another strong female lead too.


Quite a few women would find Bond a turn off in that regard I think. There are a couple of fictional characters I can think of who are notorious for bed-hopping, once it was regarded as cool and especially with the male characters showed how vital and masculine they were. Now that’s become less true it’s become awkward to deal with those characters at times.


Definitely, I always viewed Bond as on the edge of parody myself, it was a Christmas tradition to stick Bond on in the UK but I must be weird kid because I never found him all that thrilling, I watched them but in a sort of, ‘hal an eye on the screen and half on something else’ way and often wandered of after a bit. Bond never interested me all that much and I found Roger Moore’s take to be very camp.


As I mentioned to a previous poster, I was not implying that women would not be turned off from his sexual antics. But rather the men are the target audience of Bond (and other spy) films. By creating a true, female “Jane Bond” they would be shrinking their target audience.


Oh definitely, most women I’ve know are so-so about Bond or watch it with male partners. I agree in that regard. I’ve never found Bond all that interesting myself. Sean Connery’s first movie or two are watchable and Connery comes across as far more pragmatic and of ‘do what it takes to get the job done’ than Moore or any other Bond actor. Having said that there are some amazingly dated and odd sequences from his Bond era movies. Classics include a catfight between gypsy girls at a way over the top stereotyped gypsy caravan site.


Maybe a spin-off where James Bond finds out that he has a daughter, who is also a spy.

She can be 008.

Her mom could be Mary Goodnight or Vesper Lynd.

(Why do Bond girls have peculiar names?)


Just a tradition, like the large number of characters in the Superman mythos with the initials LL,


As long as its not a Kardashian I don’t care.


James Bond treats women as tissue paper. Used and then discarded.

I hope this character gets consigned to the garbage and lost forever from popular consciousness.

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