Should there be a female James Bond or not?


Why would you not just cast mila kunis then? She speaks fluent Russian. Even ripped into the Russian media at a press event.


There already is a OO8 that’s Bill Timothy.


Ok. How about 007.1?


I loved that movie.


James Bond cannot be played by a woman because he is a specific character. Despite the fan theory, James Bond is not a code name.

We see his parents’ tombstones with “Bond” on them. We know he was married, to a woman, who is mentioned in multiple Bond films across the different actors.

I mean, people think that these are remakes, and they kinda are, but there are certain things, tied up with male-ness, that have continuity across the films.


I don’t really want people who rip into Russia playing Black Widow thank you. I’ve always considered Black Widow a bit of an oddball character. She’s interesting but she is essentially a traitor to her homeland ultimately. That’s covered I remember in one Marvel story where another Russian character Colossus is very cool to her as he regards her as having sold her country out.


Bond is a widower as I recall.


Yeah, Blofeld killed her.


I’m thinking along the lines of Diana Rigg’s character in the old Avengers TV show - but can’t think of any modern actress who could do it.


I can’t think of any modern actresses who I would like to play the role (or role of a different agent).
I must be old fashioned because my sister and I are two women that do like James Bond movies-particularly with Sean Connery and Roger Moore-we were probably influenced because my dad likes watching Bond🙂

I do wish though that the James Bond character wasn’t a “player”.

For some reason,most of the modern female action characters/films like Wonderwoman don’t particularly appeal to me.


No more than there could be a male Laura Croft.


So, will the Bond women be Bond men then?

Sigh… I wonder if she’d have to carry a pistol larger than a Walther PPK just to prove herself?


Believe it or not, the movies kind of play down James Bond’s promiscuity.

He is a lot worst in the books.

Way more promiscuous and a lot more misogynistic.


How about a daughter of Bond? He’s old enough now to have offspring. Perhaps a Russian mother who had her in secret and raised her?


Funny thing is that James Bond originally carried a smaller pistol in .25 caliber. The switch to the larger caliber PPK was suggested by a firearms enthusiast who was also a James Bond fan.


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