Should there be an institute dedicated to helping animals?

I don’t believe it should be the primary mission of consecrated life either. I had misunderstood the OPs original use of the word “institute” in my first post on this thread.

That said, RISK of idolatry is still not a reasonable outcome of serving animals. Are librarians at risk of idolatry to books? It’s silly, and gives people the wrong ideas about the faith.

Idolatry probably isn’t the most useful word for this topic. But I think there is risk, in this day and age. When I consider the money spent to care for some pets, I’d have to say if someone is dedicating their work, with their faith in mind, to helping animals, then their mission should in some way recognize that these are animals, and many humans are in need. Yes, I do think there is a moral risk in some way.

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Animalatry /animalatrist is term I’ve seen on Instagram that is used by animal lovers who dedicated their complete life to pets or other animals…

I just found this interesting and relevant article on the Benedictine Monastery of St. Walburga, in Colorado, which raises cattle, among other things.

I would respectfully oppose it.

Animals are not equal to humans in value. They are part of God’s creation, yes…but so too is a rock. In some places love of animals has already risen above love of humans, and that is a terrible mistake.

Think I’m wrong? Get an abortion and some don’t care. Leave your dog out too long in a snowstorm? It’s newsworthy and picketers show up on your lawn.

The Pope has spoken out about the dangerous notion that pets become surrogate children, even in lieu of children - and he’s correct to do so.

So, no, I respectfully oppose this.

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