Should they attend a catholic School?


I have a neighbor whose child attends a Catholic school. However, they do not go to church all the time and when they do go, they go to Bible Church. They only have the child go to this Catholic school beacuse its a very good scholl and almost like a pre-college school. Do you think this is right? They are only using the school for its merits (pre-college), not the catholic studies that go with it.


many parochial schools, especially in large cities could not remain open without tuition or vouchers from non-Catholic families who send their children because of the failure of public schools to provide adequate academic preparation or to maintain minimal standards of behavior and discipline. parents must accept the fact that Catholic doctrine will be taught and will imbue teaching in all classes, not just religion. Non-Catholics may be excused from religion classes and worship. I personally know three African-American priests who converted to Catholicism due to their parochial school education and later entered seminary.


Just this past school year, a daughter of a Muslim converted to Catholicism after three years of attending my daughter’s Catholic school. She was baptized and received her first Holy Communion with the rest of the second grade class. Her mother opted to send her to the school because it was for her a better choice than public schools and there was no Muslim school in the area. This September, the mom will be attending RCIA.

There was no waiver of religious programs for the child so she went through as much religious training as the Catholic children. As long as there’s no watering down of Catholic teachings by non-Catholics enrolled, I see nothing but positives coming from the education. I also don’t see the validity of waiving the religious instruction.



I have no problem with non-catholics going to a Catholic school, for they often provide a superior private education. My concern is that Catholic schools, to attract parents with cash, are watering down their Catholic message to not offend the non-catholics.


My question is, “Are boys and girls who attend Catholic schools REALLY learning the Catholic faith and LIVING it?” That is the question. Because if they aren’t really applying Christian values in their life, then the parents are just wasting their money sending them there. :frowning:


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