Should Trump go to court for sexual assault charges?

I had read about this, but hadn’t heard hardly anything in the news until today.

Some women are bringing lawsuits against Trump for sexual assault, plus there are other pending lawsuits for other reasons. See “The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet” at

The interesting thing I read today is that the same rule created to bring Bill Clinton to court for the same type of behavior may also bring Trump to court. See “The Clinton Accuser Who Could Bring Down Trump” at

From this latter article: “…Jones v. Clinton,*went all the way to the Supreme Court, which held in a unanimous decision in 1997 that executive privilege did not protect a sitting president from lawsuits filed against him for private conduct.”

So my question is if that applied to Bill Clinton and supposedly Bush and Obama, had they done wrong, should the same rule apply to Trump? Or is he off limits, and why?

And the only reason I ask this here is that there are many Trump supporters who seem to think Trump can do no wrong and any charge brought against him must therefore be totally false and baseless. Do they also think Bill Clinton was totally innocent of charges brought against him? Or is party bias playing a role?

When it comes to Donald Trump supporters, I’d say your last sentence pretty much nails it. I just heard someone say today on CNN that Obama would never have made it to even the general election if he had talked about groping women and so forth. But Obama and Bush as far as I know had good marriages without such scandal.

This is really a question for lawyers. Lawyers for Trump (or the government) will file motions to dismiss the suit on grounds of executive privilege. Lawyers for the plaintiff(s) will file counter-motions, and briefs, asserting that the case should go to trial.

A judge will read all the motions and briefs, consider the cases cited by both sides, consider precedent and the law, and rule.

I, like most people here, am not a lawyer, and I think we just have to defer to the courts on this one.

Yes, it is truly depressing to see fellow apparently devout Catholics bending over backwards to justify some of Mr. Trump’s more unsavory comments and actions. “Well that’s just how all men talk”…is not something you want to hear from Catholics…followed by something along the lines of “he’s probably the most Christian president we’ve ever had” (seen that stated on these boards…even though he has stated in an interview that he has never asked God for forgiveness for anything).

He’s anti-abortion with no apparent track record of being “pro-life,” and so that alone gives him a free pass to joke about assaulting women and leering at underage girls. Never mind that real men don’t talk like that, certainly not in any locker rooms I’ve been in. What’s fair game for Clinton is fair game for Trump.

They are trying every which way they can to destroy Trump.

The democrat party is proving to be more dangerous to our country than our worst enemy.

it would not be unusual for God to use unlikely instruments to do His will. Trump has promised to appoint prolife justices, defund Planned Parenthood unless it quits the abortion business, and has already reinstated the Mexico City Policy.

To me, that looms a lot larger than whether he has said obscene things. His soul is between him and God, but his actions so far in office are far closer to being Christian than those of Obama, who sued the Little Sisters of the Poor to force them to either provide contraceptives and abortifacients to their employees or be driven out of their ministry.

There is no moral (or immoral) equivalency at all. None at all, except to some who support abortion by opposing those who would oppose it. To some, abortion on demand is sacred, and that includes those who run the Dem party nowadays.

As to the lawsuit (undoubtedly financed by Soros or the DNC) against Trump, we’ll see what the verdict is when it’s handed down unless, of course, it’s dismissed in a motion for summary judgment.

Come up with some credible evidence first and then sure, go for it.

If charges should be brought, they should be brought. There is, however, a 220 pound gorilla (rapist?) in the room. WJC

Doubtful. Soros, the anti-Catholic, pro-abortion DNC and Planned Parenthood will finance things like this endlessly. Abortion on demand is their entire focus, and they will, if they can, destroy anyone who seriously opposes it.

Lawsuits (plural), not one. Do you have any evidence that any of the numerous lawsuits against Trump were financed by Soros? I would imagine it would have come up in discovery.

This isn’t about obscene language or about abortion or anything about Obama (or Soros.) It’s about.whether the POTUS engaged in unlawful behavior. “Soros” is as much a non sequitur as abortion is - to the extent that he apparently gets a free pass to engage in such behavior because he made some “pro-life” promises which you find agreeable where others haven’t.

Nope. He’s not in the room anymore. Trump is.

So it’s okay to record Trump secretly but not okay to record Planned Parenthood?

Oh, and correcting the record and understanding context isn’t “bending over backwards”.

Also, I voted for Ted Cruz in the primary.

If he’s innocent, I hope Trump launches massive counter-suits against anyone and everyone involved.

Oh, he’s still in the room. So is Obama

They most certainly are. Just look at all their idolatry voting over the unborn because of the colour of their skin and their biological gender.

It is very shameful and with a lot of personal selfishness and arrogance for them to do this. :yup:

Or showed any signs of repentance since talking about religion and how it relates to him.

There seems to be some confusion on here.

Lawsuits are civil, not criminal cases.

Lawsuits (plural) then. Sources of attorneys’ fees cannot be discovered in the discovery process. That’s privileged.

I did not “give Trump a free pass”. What I really said is that sometimes God uses unlikely instruments to do His will. Remember Constantine, for example? He was probably at least half pagan until he died and perpetrated many a horror, but he did free the Church from persecution. Charlemagne had multiple wives, and butchered Saxons who would not convert. But he did save Christendom from pagan conquest. FDR was an inveterate adulterer, but he did stop the incredibly evil actions of Hitler and Hirohito. Truman was closely associated with organized crime in Kansas City, threatened violence against reporters, and swore like a sailor, but he did integrate the armed forces and keep the Russians out of Japan.

It is not for me to judge Trump’s soul. That’s for God to do. I am looking at the action so far, and in those, when it comes to unborn life, he is a vastly better man than Obama or, indeed, any Democrat politician of whom I am aware. And when one is comparing immoralities, I say promoting the killing of innocent children is a massively greater evil than obscene talk or even groping women (assuming he even did the latter, which is not proved at this point).

To be fair. If Trump has to go to court, Bill Clinton who was guilty of assaulting several women should have also.

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