Should we attend this baptism?

One of my really good friends is having her daughter baptized in the Catholic Church this weekend and my husband and I are not sure if we should attend. My friend and her husband are not practicing Catholics and do not intend on taking the child to Mass or raising her in the church. My husband doesn’t want to attend at all but I feel torn. They had their first daughter baptized a few years ago and we did go to that. Since then, the mother, my friend, and I have had one brief argument about why she got her baptized in the first place if they don’t believe or practice the faith. Should we go to this baptism knowing they do not plan on fulfilling the promise they are making to God in regards to their daughter and her salvation?

The celebrant of the baptism presumably knows this couple and their situation and chose to allow the baptism to go forward, possibly because he has reason to hope that the parents will eventually meet their obligations. Rather than boycott the baptism and upset your friend unnecessarily, perhaps you and your husband could offer to help the couple take the kids to Mass and prepare the kids for the sacraments when the time comes.

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