Should we avoid 9gag

Should we avoid 9gag and other “rage comics” sites, since, although there are plenty of clean comics, there are also ones about porn and other immoral things:mad:?

I don’t read rage comics much, but my brother does, and I don’t want him to form any bad habits, even though he says that he skips the comics and pictures that are bad (and I’m sure he actually does skip the bad ones). If I should persuade him to not read 9gag and related stuff, how would I do so? :confused:

and probably 4chan too.

Let’s just say that I call 9gag with less savory names. :slight_smile:

I have to confess that 9Gag is a guilty pleasure, albeit one that I should discard. A fair portion of the pictures are funny, cool, or otherwise amazing. I always like the posts which highlight the beauty of nature of the amazing accomplishments of the human person.

On the other hand, there are a great deal of posts that adopt a negative attitude with respect to Christianity (and Catholicism in general). There are many posts that deal with immoral behavior. If you aren’t willing and able to separate the wheat from the chaff, or if 9Gag presents itself as a near occasion of sin, I would say it must be avoided.

If we follow that train of thought then we had better lock ourselves in our rooms and never watch TV or read books or go outside. There is going to be anti-religion stuff everywhere. If reading a comic on 9gag destroys your faith, you probably didn’t have any to begin with.

That’s true, and I hardly think it will it would destroy anyone’s faith. Speaking from experience, however, I find that seeing a post which disparages the pope or mocks Christianity does little other than raise my blood pressure and dispose me to be uncharitable. Since I am rather predisposed to sins against charity I find I should try and remove myself from a near occasion of sin.

Besides, while it is true that there is plenty of anti-theism to be found in the world (and there will be plenty more in the years to come) I find it odd to willfully subject one’s self to an attack on one’s faith. It seems a tad… masochistic.

theres a section of the site called Meme Base that has all the rage comics without the pornvof 9gag or 4chan

google “meme base” thwy have all the rage comics with none of the offensive material of 9gag or 4chab

Well…I have never heard of any of this. I’ll have to look and see.

Ahh…looks like a good way to waste time with some funny stuff I suppose. I avoid things I know I wouldn’t want my parents, my kids, or Jesus to see me looking at.

If there’s an alternative to 9GAG, I suggest TV Tropes. The memes in 9GAG and 4chan are created only for extreme amusement, but most topics in TV Tropes are naturally-occurring throughout both fiction and reality.

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