Should we be allowed to drink from the cup too?


At Mass yesterday there were a bunch of kids drinking from the chalice. I skipped the cup because they were making too big/ confusing of a line.



Yes, if you check the laws on the legal age for alcohol consumption you’ll find there is an exception for alcohol consumed in religious services.



Excused from receiving from the Chalice? It’s not as though we are mandated to receive under both species. In our parish the children seem to be guided by their parents. When our kids were young I never discouraged reception from the Cup but they didn’t like the taste so they abstained from receiving that way.

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No one is required to receive the Precious Blood, except the Priest. One cannot be “excused” from what is not required in the first place.

If a child is properly disposed to receive Communion, and both species are offered, the child has just as much right to receive from the Chalice as you or I.



Have you been to any masses celebrated by a priest of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter? Is communion offered under both appearances in such masses?



I have not been, so I don’t know. We do offer both in the Anglican Church, so it’s what I’m used to.


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