Should we be cautious about the prayers in the (blue) Pieta prayer book?

I’m not sure if I heard Jimmy Aiken right during Catholic Answers but it seemed as if he was cautious about the prayers and revelations in the Blue Pieta book that so many Catholics have been praying out of. Are we all right in trusting this book?

The Pieta Prayer Booklet contains the 15 prayers revealed by the Lord to St. Bridget in the Church of St. Paul at Rome. The Vatican has issued a warning concerning the publication of this prayer. The warning is still in force. Here’s an excerpt:

“Since it is asserted in this pamphlet that God made to St. Bridget certain promises, whose supernatural origin is uncertain, let local ordinaries take care not to grant permission for publishing or reprinting pamphlets or other writings which contain these promises.”

The full text of the warning is at the following site:

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