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Hello all!
I’ll keep this brief until I can get the actual letter posted on here, but my MIL just received a letter from FoF that convinced her to never subscribe to them again.
She has repeatedly donated money and requested (both over the phone and in letters) that they do research into NFP, not just because of the immorality of contraception but because it has been proven to contribute to stronger marriages, stronger families, more openness to God’s will, etc. She asked them that if they are so concerned about strengthening the American family and lowering divorce rates to give objective coverage to the benefits of NFP.

(This distinction is really important, since she was not trying to convince them that NFP is morally better…just scientifically and statistically better)

She even donated $100 specifically for “looking into” NFP’s benefits. She was very disappointed when she received no reply but didn’t get her money back either. She called them and then got a letter that stated that FoF is not interested in NFP because they cater to a large and diverse group of believers and because NFP has “no biblical basis.” She was outraged and once again placed a phone call, demanding her money be returned since it was not used for what she donated it for. No reply from FoF yet.

I just wanted to share this with you all. It is kind of disappointing that Dobson claims to want better families but is not willing to even broach the topic of NFP, even in a non-theological way. I think that we should all have this information and be able to then make our own decision about whether or not to continue supporting this organization that, in my opinion, seems to have a “wide door” for all Protestants, but seems to “leave out” anything Catholic or that might “sound” Catholic even if it is statistically proven to be beneficial to the family.

I personally know that my support will be going to Couple to Couple League or Faith and Family Magazine (a Catholic publication).

Thank you all for reading this!


Dobson has a pretty twisted view of human nature. He sees no issue with contraception or masturbation and his parenting advice is, well, deranged because of his totally flawed view of the human person.

You’re better off giving money to organizations that promote the truth.


Is your MIL Catholic? If so, she should really be donating to Catholic organizations whether or not Focus on the Family decides to promote NFP. I can understand her being upset about the donation since she offered it with stipulations. Do you know if Focus on the Family has a policy about such donations?

But I wouldn’t give up on James Dobson just yet. It took him a few years to realize that abortion was wrong and should be illegal. He may yet join the ranks of other evangelicals who are realizing that a contraceptive mentality is responsible for many of our social problems today.

I did actually hear a Focus program that had NFP as a topic. But that was a few years ago.


Yes, she is Catholic. She donated to both CCL and Focus because she thought that Dobson’s work is doing good in uniting Christian faiths and that he has some pretty good ideas in his magazine, books, etc. I’m sure that she didn’t donate as much to Focus just because CCL needs all the support it can get.
Thank you for mentioning Dobson’s past with abortion…I didn’t know that (I’m pretty young). could you fill me in briefly?
Also, do you, or anyone else, have any more info on their talk about NFP? Wasn’t that more related to Third World countries rather than use by American Christians? Maybe I’m wrong. Please correct me if that is the case!

Thank you for your replies…I appreciate the feedback and will pass all info to my MIL.


I, personally, am glad that Focus on the Family is out there doing what they’re doing. I think they are very good for our society, even if they are not completely in line with the Catholic Church. They are not a Catholic organization and have never claimed to be totally on the same page with us.

I think that if you have money to donate to an organization, then you should give to one that you can agree with. I know a few Catholics who donate (a lot) to FoF, and I don’t think it’s a big problem. They see the organization as being a positive influence on this society.

Whether or not your MIL will ever get her money back… I doubt it. She should probably just let it go and next time give to Couple to Couple League or something. Hopefully she “planted a seed” in the heart of the people at Focus. I am pretty surprised that they don’t have more support of NFP. Maybe they will. Keep praying, and don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.


[quote=Ham1]Dobson has a pretty twisted view of human nature.

I like FOF on the radio (little advice clips) but have heard this too - that his view of humanity just isn’t in sync with Catholic doctrine. I remember an Evangelical (and Dobson fan) family member acting a bit peturbed when I talked about how we are inherently good, being that we are made in the likeness and image of God (it came up somehow). Evangelicals seem to focus so much on human sinfulness and unworthiness, makes me wonder how they can say we Catholics are so hung up on that? People know the truth when they hear it, I get this reaction often when (seldomly)discussing Catholic doctrine. Tweaks the conscience maybe? :smiley:


FofF is definately an ally on many Christian issues, but they are most definately Reformed Protestant in ideology. I used to support them many years ago, but now only support Catholic ministries. There is no reason that we cannot form alliances with other Christians on social issues, though, so we should try to focus on our common faith in Christ and not criticize one another.


I don’t pretend to be an expert on James Dobson so I’m only going by what I remember. I don’t know that he was ever PRO-abortion. I think he was more in the “we shouldn’t impose our morality on others” group. I believe it was his father who eventually convinced him that it was important to actively work to end abortion. I don’t remember much about the episode on NFP. I know the guest was a woman. From his comments and questions Dobson didn’t seem like he had more than a superficial understanding of how NFP works.

I’d pray for James Dobson.


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