Should we be offended by "parody religions"?

I watched a clip that showed some “recognized” religions that are clearly mocking religions as a whole. The Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster, The Missionary Church of Kopimism, The Church of the Subgenius, to name a few. Should we be offended by movements who gain “religious recognition” but are clearly out just to mock people of religious faith?

I recognize it inwardly as an attack, but I believe actually getting ‘offended’ – as in visibly annoyed, upset, etc – would only give satisfaction to those attempting to provoke. The sole reason those parodies exist is to rile the faithful so that we might seem ridiculous.

I agree. And, we need to pray for them.

Maybe I should be offended; but I’m not.

AISI, if true faith is worth nonbelievers’ time and trouble to burn on, then that shows we are under their skin.

In the same way that the TV night shows do not burn on “nobodies”, but on VIPs.



I took to the Book of the Subgenius like a moth to a flame way back in the early eighties. The only thing that offends me about it is that it became unbearably stupid back around 2000 or so, when the newer generation ruined it. Everyone has a different sense of humor, I suppose.:shrug: There are obviously plenty of vile and loathsome attacks on Catholicism and Christianity in general, but I always felt like the first ten years of that Subgenius stuff was insightfully mocking the entire human species, and doing so in a particularly brilliant and joyous way. The internet has taken so much fun out of things which were once the province of weirdos alone. :frowning: We hardly even have stores selling used books and records anymore, and when we do find one, more often than not their inventory is catalogued online! It’s horrible.

Basically, I think when you’re evaluating this sort of humor, you have to try and get a sense of the hearts of the creators. Are they hateful mean-spririted people? Or are they just a bit unhinged, but good, decent folks at heart?

The only one that comes to mind is a group at MIT called Campus Crusade for Cthulhu. As both a Christian and an H.P. Lovecraft fan, I’m not upset by it. Nobody seriously believes in the Great Old Ones, so I think it shows some grace to take a joke when it’s not mean-spirited.

That’s the wonderful thing about America. Anyone can get an online ordination and hang up a shingle for his ‘church’.

Parody religions often highlight the abuse of religion. I see them as a humorously distorted mirror for examining our own consciences. Time to pray for those who include what could offend me.

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