Should we celebrate our 2 yr anniversary?


Today is our 2 yr anniversary and I’m not sure if DH and I should go out for dinner. Last yr he was hospitalized so we didn’t get to celebrate our first anniversary.

With all the things that have happened between us (as some of you know), I don’t know if we should celebrate, even though things are looking better…

If you think we should celebrate, should we go out for dinner, go to a movie? Do what? I don’t know… :confused:



I vote to celebrate. A movie, dinner those are all fine ideas. I like to go to coffee with DH.

Happy anniversary!


I have followed some of your stuff but am just basically aware that there have been marital issues. Either way and especially because you mention things have gotten better, I would suggest you celebrate. Your marriage is a bond to help both you and your spouse get each other to heaven. It is very sacred and the fact that both of you are working very hard to keep it in tact is a very good thing. What better way to help that bond than to celebrate that special day that God brought you two together in one body? :thumbsup:

Even if it is just something small, I say at least acknowlege it. Maybe a card and a nice dinner. Even if you just dine in, light some candles and make it a point to have a nice romantic time. You’ll only get from it as much as you put into it. Good luck and God bless :). And Congrats and Happy Anniversary!:heart:


Go out to dinner and wear something SEXY. :smiley: Even if things are not perfect, celebrate that y’all have come this far, and your commitment to making it work. And before you go to sleep, make him REALLY glad he married you, if ya know what I mean. :wink: And of course, same goes for him…

You two have been struggling. But you’re still together and trying to make it work. That’s worth celebrating all by itself! Have fun!


You guys are going to make me cry! :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you for the replies…

I don’t know if he had something planned already, but maybe we’ll go to our favorite restaurant, or to this very nice and fancy Italian restaurant I LOVE.

Thanks for the littl push :blush: :o



With what HAS happened to you, you both deserve an evening out. And Dusky’s right, wear something sexy!


Surprise him. Maybe he’s just as cautious about doing something as you are and maybe was afraid to plan something not knowing how you would react. When he gets home (I’m assuming here that he’s at work) say, “Dear, come with me.” Put him in the car and drive him there. If you have time, maybe get a nice card – or just write him a note talking about the good things that are happening now or some favorite memory or when y’all started dating. Dwell on the positive!!!



I agree, celebrate. Marriage is for better OR WORSE.

Have a great time tonite, and enjoy yourself and enjoy your time with DH :slight_smile:


Ditto… Celebrate… and definitely something sexy!!!


Go celebrate, sweetie!!! Have fun…ya’ll definitely need a night to kick back and just have a date! Have fun and congratulations on two years!!! :thumbsup: :smiley:




Yes, do something that is special for the two of you. Either a restaurant in a romantic place you have always wanted to try, a drive to the beach for a picnic ( that is what I would do if I lived in CA ) or make a special dinner together!


My advice, with all that has happened, a quiet adult dinner to discuss things would be appropriate. I’d not advise the “wear something sexy” stuff - IMHO, it is too soon. What does your counselor advise?


Wasn’t this guy abusive? There is no way I’d resume physical relations for a LONG time after that.


Eeeck! Yessi you never told me you got married on my birthday! Lol. I hope you had a good time your still DH, I’m praying for you both.:slight_smile:


Goth, Happy Birthday!!! I didn’t know it was your bday! I hope you did something special with the people you love.

Anyway, a little update…

We had a candle light dinner at a restaurant in a town nearby. I wore a pretty dress. Nothing too showy, it’s the dress I wore for my grandparents’ 50th anniversary, so if I could wear this to Mass, I didn’t over do it, right? :o The food was great, the service was wonderful… and we had such a good time!

We had not had a date like this since before we got married! It was like old times. We talked about the baby, about us, about what we’re going to do, about our life in general. We spent 2-3 hrs at the restaurant.

He ordered a bottle of a very good wine, oh and the dessert! yummy! I had strawberries in a sweet cream made with champagne… Anywho… we had a good time, and the talk we had went very well.

He’s doing so much better now… this month coming up are his anger management sessions. He has to go once a week for 2-3 months, and then he’ll have follow ups with a Psychologist.

I think there is hope in our marriage!


Good for you!!! I’m happy you decided to do something with your hubby on your anniversary. You can at least see that there’s forward progress being made even if you still have a long road ahead of you.



Thank you Paula!


Yessi I’m so happy for you! sounds like you had such a good time. I hope and pray that things do work out for you guys! God bless and I’ll keep you in my prayers! God is so great!!!:thumbsup:


We did have a great time. I felt like it was one of those romantic movie dates! I hope things get better. And yes, God is great!

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