Should we consider Jewish Tradition in our Old Testament interpretations??

I personally refuse to take a person’s understanding of The Bible unless it refers to original text, such as in Hebrew or Greek (depending on which book of The Books “Bible”); I catch many of my friends give me a awkward enterpretation and I start scavenging online for how they can be right, then what makes them right? If I can find something that follows something “Apostolically” so to speak, I might consider the interpretation my own (This is why I became Catholic). I personally rely on either my Jewish friends or family for what I consider a more authentic view on the Old Testament with their “word by word” translations or ghists. Who are we to say the Jewish Tradition is wrong when it’s been around as long as the book it refers to has been? if I may dare…
POINT BLANK and simple, I’m curious as to why we would refuse the Tradition of Jewish text? I also would like for you to put that two and two with Catholic Tradition, why are we soo great in wisdom that we can risk contradicting or “puppeteering” our sacred Prophets? :confused:

I’m** not **a theologian by any means, but I’ve just exited a heated debate with one my good Protestant friends about the History of The Bible and a “why ‘My’ Bible is Right” ordeal. Which lasted a year long before we just stopped debating it. We did come to the conclusion that original translations should be put to higher esteem.

[not for discussion but clearifying, I’m a firm believer in Papal Infalliblity *BUT that’s not what I’m interested in questioning]

that’s not what I’m interested in questioning]

Glory to Jesus Christ!

It certainly makes a lot of sense to take Jewish traditions into account when interpreting Scripture, along with Church tradition and the consensus patrum. :thumbsup:

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that’s not what I’m interested in questioning]

You should check out The Jewish Roots of Our Catholic Faith by Ros Moss. It does not explicitly address your OT question, but it would be a good start.

In truth, Catholics have Jewish tradition so deeply embedded in our faith that you really don’t see it because you have been surrounded by it. I remember a Jewish friend of mine directly comparing the Cathedral to a Synagogue.

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