Should we fear God?


Sorry but there is more proof for the Roswell alien crash landing than any Arc conspiracy location. Or Noah’s Ark for that matter. I don’t take the Bible literally and those are just stories left for interpretation imo.


You never know :astonished:



I would revisit this line of thinking. Sin is sin. We don’t get to define it, God is giving us His guidance. Please check the video I’ll link below.


Others have mentioned near death experiences. I think this priests’ experience is helpful.

Please also take a look at this article. It links both videos at the bottom as well.


To the Op I think we should have a healthy fear of God, and a real fear of Hell. Hell is no joke. Don’t end up there. God is justice and accountability, but also mercy. Fear helps us to take the reasonable action… ie I sinnned, time to go to confession. Not the crippling fear that doesn’t allow you to act at all but to think things through and keep God as your priority.


The Church doesn’t teach that masturbation dooms teenagers. Where did you get this idea? And why are you fixated on damnation? Please reconsider that God is good.


There is such a thing as healthy and unhealthy fear. A good teacher will use healthy fear to say perhaps, “if you don’t do your homework you could fail this class”. An unhealthy teacher just starts shouting or trying to control their students to think whatever their personal opinion might be. Or maybe for their own ego. Do you see the difference here. There are of course some unhealthy people in any religion, but there are also rules and guidelines to keep people on track and for correction. So it’s true that some religions use unhealthy fear, but we can’t confuse this with a just fear.


Fear of damnation was definately something which motivated me to seek salvation but as I learned more about Catholicism and read the gospels several times and read about some saints I began to realise that there were other aspects to this which were worth moving towards voluntarily rather than simply through fear alone.

Love is such a large part of Christianity too, love of neighbour, love of God, that once you begin to follow you can’t fail but be changed from a God fearer to a God lover if you will. His gifts are wonderful, His love beyond words. As I began to wend my way towards Him I found my fear depleting and my love growing. If we are humble servants who seek only to serve Him and mankind what have we to fear but a lacklustre heart.


Not sure about God but i absolutely fear and I’m terrified of death itself. Because when one dies you lose all potential and possibilities that ever existed for you.


If there was no God, and I think you’ll find there is beyond doubt, then death would be just like falling asleep. I’m sure. Not to fear falling asleep :wink:

I would recommend watching the above video from servant31, belief is the beginning of salvation, God bless.


In our Byzantine Liturgy we are called to “approach with the fear of God and with faith” before receiving communion.


If you read the gospels and think about what Jesus is telling us, I mean think about it properly, don’t you think it’s strange that He should tell us all those things if they weren’t true? We’ve had this point before but Jesus as an ordinary man had no need to go through all that He did, and clearly He was no ordinary man since He performed miracles, not just miracles, as an ordinary man He had great wisdom too. As an ordinary carpenter where would He get these great skills? His message was consistent as well, ordinary men make mistakes in that way. This is me trying to look at it from an unbelievers point of view. And I’m not even mentioning the resurrection!

Following Jesus the world has been blessed with many men and women who through their great faith have also performed miracles and shown great wisdom. How come? And their message has also been consistent too.

I’d say don’t fear death, fear what we are told to fear by Our Lord and many of His disciples. Your potential and soul can live forever if you follow Our Lord.


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