Should we force others to work on Sunday?

I was thinking about this after I got home from Mass today, is it sinful to force others to do work on Sunday by patronizing a business? It occurred to me after I had my pizza delivered – yes, I am a college student and pizza is one of the food groups – that I was resting on Sunday but the delivery guy was not. Yes, I was not forcing him to work by holding a gun to his head, but is it hypocrisy to rest on Sunday by using the services of a buisness? If that is true then how far is it reasonable to take it?

The Church does not condemn patronizing various businesses on Sunday, so one need not worry that he is “forcing” others to work on Sunday. While a person may choose to avoid purchasing unnecessary luxuries on Sunday out of a pious devotion to upholding the sanctity of the day for himself and others, he is not required to do so.

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