Should we have a fortune teller at a Catholic school carnival?

The elementary school that my son attends is an independent Catholic school and they are hosting a Halloween carnival that will provide a variety of activities, one of which is a fortune telling booth. I have serious reservations about this and was wondering if I am overreacting to this “lighthearted” take on it, as the principal refers to it. Though it is pretend, they do still plan to present it in the “same sort of light as a prediction of your future,” to use the principal’s exact words. I would appreciate some guidance on this because I strongly disagree with the principal’s interpretation of the relevant passages of the Catechism of the Catholic Church on this matter. He believes that as long as it is not taken seriously, then there is no problem. My concern is that no matter how lighthearted it is, it is still inviting an occult-type activity into a Catholic school environment.

Not having any idea of what this man’s idea of “lighthearted” fortune-telling is, I can’t comment on the specifics of what is planned by the school. I can say that it seems to me that if the two of you have a disagreement over how a passage of the *Catechism *should be interpreted, then why not ask the bishop of your diocese for assistance in arbitrating the conflict? The school may not be under the direct purview of the diocese, but the bishop remains the chief teacher and shepherd of all Catholics in the diocese, and therefore has an interest in making certain that the Catechism is accurately interpreted by schools in the diocese claiming to be “Catholic.”

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