Should we inquire or learn something from other religions?


Do you think that other religions are evil?


I do not think other religions are necessarily evil. St Paul tells Timothy to “test everything, hold on to what is good.” There’s good to be gained from studying other religions and philosophies than our own. It’s a sign of maturity when we can entertain ideas without adopting them.



Should we inquire or learn something from other religions?

If you are well versed and secure in your own Catholic Faith then yes there is much we can learn from other religions. I like Dr. Andres’ show Called to Communion, quite often he will bring to his defense the writings of Protestant and even atheist writers, to help prove the point he is making.

If you are not strong in the teachings of the Catholic Faith I would say no, for you might be easily swayed away from truth.

Nope, their is some level of truth in all Christian religions. However, Jesus prayed for us to be one and wanted us to have the fullness of truth, which can be found in the Catholic Church.

God Bless


Evil? Of course not. We should never be afraid to learn -


Tolerance is great sometimes. :smiley: Would you want them to be tolerant of you? :slight_smile:


There are some things in other religions that are true but they are only true because the Catholic Church and Jesus has taught them as true. All truth stems from Jesus and his bride the one, holy,Catholic, and Apostolic Church. So if we want to learn of other religions it is to know them to convert people to our Catholic Church, or to relate to truths that we know are true, and to refute errors.


Not me.
The Catholic faith has everything.
It’s really a treasure trove !
NO WAY - am I going to dabble - in something - that’s NOT Jesus.


All have some good, some truth in them. But, aside from Judaism, not a single one has been revealed by God.


Sometimes they have good dicisplines that can be granted into the Church. It also helps converts.


It is a very different question from the one given in thread title (“Should we inquire or learn something from other religions?”).

Learning about religions is useful for apologetics, and not necessarily in proportion of truth in them. For example, knowing that, let’s say, Mormons have changed their doctrine on some points can be useful when one is pointing out that no Catholic infallible definitions have been found to contradict each other.


You’re asking several questions here.

Do I think that other religions are evil?
Unless they are Satanic, or attacking the Catholic Church, then no, I don’t think they’re inherently evil. Most religions contain a high percentage of good people trying earnestly to live their lives according to some reasonable code of morals and ethics.

Should we inquire into other religions?
Depends on why we are “inquiring”.

It would probably be all right to inquire if our own Catholic faith was strongly rooted and we just wanted to understand our family members/ friends/ neighbors of a different faith, or if we were interested in studying comparative religions from a scholarly perspective, or if we wished to evangelize to the other faiths or work on trying to get Protestant or schismatic groups back into the Catholic church.

It would probably NOT be all right to inquire if my own Catholic faith would be somehow threatened by my doing the inquiry, for example if I was inquiring in order to find another church to join because I didn’t like how the pastor at my parish was doing things.

Should we learn something from other religions?
Depends on what we are learning. If we are “learning” to live out a Christian principle better, such as treat people better, or participate in our own liturgy better, or do community service work better, or preach better, from watching what another religion does, then it’s fine, it benefits our own faith.
However, if we are “learning” stuff that goes against Catholic teaching (example: statues are idols, get rid of them) then of course we shouldn’t be learning that stuff.


I’m assuming the initial question refers to other non-Christian religions, and no, I do not think they are necessarily evil, and yes, I think there are things we can learn from them.

We are certainly not required to study other religions, even the other Christian denominations, but if you are interested it can be a good thing. I think of the example of my grandmother, who lived her whole life knowing only her Catholic faith, and just accepting it without a lot of thought, until she had to go to an assisted living home. Suddenly, she was surrounded by all sorts of Protestants who took it upon themselves to challenge and to “educate” my 97-year-old grandma about how the Catholic Church is wrong in so many ways. My poor grandma felt bewildered and confused.


Should we inquire or learn something from other religions?

It is good to try to understand other people, so yes, we should try to understand what they think, why they do the things they do, and how they feel about it.


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