Should we leave this parish over "future church"?

At the end of Mass last Sunday our priest asked us to sign a petition asking for married priest and women to be ordained as deacons. He gave out information from something called future Is this organization endorsed by the church? Should he have been doing this at Mass at all. Also last year we had what they called ecuminical exchange Sunday where we had a woman pastor from a prostestant church read the gospel and deliver the homily. What should we do? Should we leave this parish community and find another. I thought the ordination of women was not up for discussion. :frowning:

Dear bobtrish,

Future church is an organization of Catholic malcontents who won’t take no for an answer. You need to report the petition and the Protestant clergywoman reading the Gospel and giving the homily to your bishop. He is your shepherd and has a right to know what is going on in your parish. I would wait to here from him before making any moves. You are my in our prayers. Let me know how things develop.

Fr. Vincent Serap, O.P.

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