Should we party in church?


Our small parish does not have a lot of money, so it doesn’t have pews or kneelers, only chairs. The reason for this is so we can have our annual Christmas party. That’s right, our annual church Christmas party is held every year here inside the church, under the cross and in front of the tabernacle. My wife and I and our children do not go to the Christmas party because I believe it is not respectful to God. Am I right?


Surely there is somewhere else that the parish can hold the annual Christmas party, whether it be in a private home or in a rented hall. If space must be rented, the costs could be recouped by selling tickets to the event. (If not enough parishioners are interested in attending to recover the costs for holding the event, that would be a reason to cancel it altogether.) What you have here is not only partying in space that is supposed to be set apart for God, but people are being forced to kneel on the floor all year long so that a Christmas party can be held once a year.

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