Should we pray for protection or God's will


There are so much uneasiness in the world today. i fear for my children and for this counry. I have a desire to pray for protection for this county and for my family and friends. But i feel I may be praying NOT for God’s will. Prayers for protection seem the motherly way, but prayers for God’s will and submission feel like the Christian way. any suggestions?


I do not see a difference between the two. I believe that God’s will is to protect all believers.


Then how are believers ever allowed to be killed if God is protecting all of them?


I understand your dilemma. Often when there is something I feel I need (in your case protection), I am caught wondering if this is part of God’s will. I try to pray for the things that I feel I need and in my prayers I also pray for God’s will, and the wisdom to understand God’s will.

I think Jesus’ prayer in Matthew 26:39 is a good example of maybe how we should pray in these circumstances. Jesus prayed:

“My father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; yet not as I will, but as You will.”


ahem More than that! He wills the salvation of all men, not just believers!

And with this understanding, you can come to accept that the sufferings many endure are for the furthering of His will.

Salvation is what you ought to be praying for, God’s mercy. That way, you can both pray and say “Thy will be done!”


Why not pray as Jesus did in the garden? Lord, I pray for protection, but above all for Your will to be done.


God gives one free will and it is his/her free will to do wrong things - killing others.

For a citizen, it is our responsibility and conscience to pray for our country.
For a mother or a father, it is her/his to pray for their children.

Praying is God’s will. How the outcomes turn out, it is God’s will … we just hope for the best.


As withwind says, God gives us free will to chose good or evil, to chose to be with God or against Him.

His protection is for our spirit and salvation, it is not always for our physical well being. Sometimes our physical well being might go against God and His will, but he still protects us when we chose as we should.

God’s protection is not some magical thing that protects us from all harm.


As God to protect everyone, if it is His Will :wink:


My humble opinion is that we should always pray for God’s Holy Will to be done. In this way, we His children… express faith in His Love, His Mercy and His Goodness. It’s a way to say… “I believe that You love me, Father. And that You have my best interests in Mind.”

God bless you, dear soul. I can only imagine the worry that parents face in the age we live in. Never forget that God loves us all.


God’s protection is to bring us safely into heaven with Him. Dying is not the worst thing that can happen to us. Even if we are killed in an accident or a crime. The worst thing is to be separated from God for all eternity.

I pray that my children will always know God’s love and never be separated from Him. I also pray that they be spared from danger, but I don’t think it is God’s perfect will that they be placed in danger to begin with. Certainly, knowing that this is a fallen world, they may be placed in danger by someone else’s poor choices, but even in that situation, I trust in God to protect them and bring them safely to Him.

If you are truly worried about their physical safety, perhaps it would make you feel better to have them wear a scapular. Have it blessed and ask you priest to enroll them according to the formula that comes with the brown scapular.


“Sr Sally”… I just have to say… Praise God! What an AWESOME response. :slight_smile:


My dear friend

Welcome aboard:thumbsup:. I would say just pray for anything non offensive, live the commandments as best you can and do Gods will with regard to our stewardship of this world and try to pray in various ways always and you’ll be doing what needs to be done to avoid disaster. We can only do our part.

Sin and unnatural living ( not living in harmony with nature ) is the cause of every evil in our lives and world. My conservative friends would cringe if they knew I sounded like a greenie now but I’m not. The greenies and environmentalists, naturalists, animal liberationists and the like all make good points but are unbalanced and easily fooled by lies. My point is all including me should try to live like our first parents before original sin. They lived perfectly naturally and in perfect harmony with nature. If all did this then there would be no wars, fighting, arguing, envy, jealousy, murder, rape, stealing, lying, crimes of any kind or any natural disasters or calamities in my opinion. You must read my theory on the equilibrium if you want to know how I view natural disasters, wars etc.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


This is what I would have said. Pray for what you want, but then say, “Above my will, let your’s be done.” and just entrust it into His loving hands. He knows what is best for all of us.:slight_smile:


St. Francis “Lord, let me be an instrument of Thy Peace”


I agree with you, however there is both a sinful environment in which we live (rather than Eden) and our own concupiscence - not to mention the Original Sin of many we live with in the culture. Therefore, what is feels “natural” to us is often not natural at all. That was the reason Jesus Christ needed to come down to be Incarnated, Teach the Truth, and be crucified for us. Our consciences are horribly malformed and we need all the help we can get. The Church, the Sacraments, Scripture, prayer are the helps that He sends to us leading us to the adoration of Him, humility, obedience, charity, gentleness etc. that He wanted for us in the beginning.


Try 1 John 5,14


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