Should we pray for suffering? Do you pray for suffering?

I was just curious and I wanted to know. Since Catholicism seems to “revere” suffering, should we actually pray to suffer? Doesn’t this seem a bit paradoxical?

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i would not. But don’t you think there are enough sufferings in a person’s life time
that we don’t really need to pray for more?

I sure don’t, and it seems humanly abnormal to me that anybody would do so. As human BEINGS, we should seek for well BEING.

The Church does not value suffering as such, although it honors the connection that our suffering makes to the life of our LORD. That connection however, will be more than adequately made by the suffering you will experience in the course of your natural life.

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I don’t believe we should pray for suffering. We should leave to God’s perfect will what he allows to happen to us.

I think we should pray for resignation to God’s will. Maybe the Saints didn’t love suffering so much as they loved God’s will.

That is NOT a Church teaching!

We should not seek out suffering but we should accept it if it comes our way.

I would not pray for suffering, but when suffering comes our way we can turn to Our Lord to help us through it. That is what I have always been taught as a catholic. Help Me Lord! ,is always MY refrain.

No, it comes anyway, as another poster said, and it’s how we respond to it which is important. St. Teresa of Avila explained that the purpose of suffering is to bring us closer to Jesus, because if we cling to Him as our only hope through whatever trial we are experiencing, we inevitably love Him more at the end of the trial or through the trial, if it doesn’t have an “end”. She explained it as a way of God drawing souls closer to Himself, because in suffering we realise that He really is our rock and refuge, when everything else lets us down.

On another point, a Carmelite friar once gave us a talk about suffering, saying he knew people who had said to him, “I’m ready for my cross now Father” as in, they had reached a point in their life where they were telling God that it would be now convenient for Him to send them whatever suffering He had in store. The same people would be back to the friar later complaining of whatever hardship had befallen them and pleading for God to take their cross away. His advice - don’t actively seek suffering. We may have convenient ideas in our minds of what kind of suffering we are ready for, but the whole point of suffering is that it’s not easy, we will find the trial very difficult, so we don’t pray for it, but when it comes, we just need to know how to deal with it, by keeping our eyes fixed on God.

If you pray for suffering, watch out, your prayers will be answered! I once said to the Lord I would suffer for my 3 year old grandson who was having his tonsils out and hated for such a young child to suffer. He did have very little pain and healed fast, but I really did suffer the worst sore throat for 3 weeks. If you pray for suffering, be ready to accept it and not to complain or ask for healing.

Here is a great website on redemptive suffering.

no, actually we are told not to, we pray neither to suffer nor be tempted, although good may come from these things, but we leave that in Gods hands, because we are completely dependent on Him to fight or handle those things, and we must not presume upon His mercy or temp divine providence,

we should instead pray to do Gods will, and be content with whatever it pleases Him to send us.
although in matters of health, we should always pray to be delivered from sickness or whatever may seriously hurt us, but at the same time, offer up any suffering we go through.

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