Should we really talk about Christianities (plural) instead of Christianity (singular)?


Within a two mile radius of my house, there are no less than nine churches of DIFFERENT Protestant denominations. (Yet if I was to inquire, I’m sure that they all read the same bible.) When driving in the inner city, I see storefront churches literally next to each other of DIFFERENT Protestant denominations. (Likewise, I’m sure that they would all claim to read the same bible.)

Why all this confusion and disunity? Is this mayhem and chaos what Christ wanted?

Protestantism is like a constantly-changing multi-headed Hydra. With the thousands of Protestant denominations around the world today, many of which have radically different theologies and eccelesiologies, is it really accurate to use the word “Christianity” instead of “Christianities”?

And if all it takes to be a Christian is belief in Christ, what do you mean by “belief”? And how do you explain the christologies of Mormans and Jehovah Witnesses?


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