Should we respect our parents? and why?

I’d like to know more about what the H0ly Bible says ab0ut respecting our parents, even if they’ve been irresponsible with us.

Ah, this is my first post. thank you

Jesus,our Lords peace be with You.
Sorry for my bad english,dear friend,what You look for is in the Bible,Ef.6:1-3 and of course in The Ten Commandments.
But to the second part of Your question,“why”. Because they are our parents,and they show us,hopefully,what is right,and they know better. As time goes by,and the children grow up (I am father with three children,two girls,of wich one is my step-daughter,and all are adults now and I am divorced) the parenthood changes in to a moore adult relationship,moore friend then mother or father,but still we need to respect them because that is what God wants.
I also welcome You to this forum,and hope You will find lots of new friends,advices and help when so needed.

Yes, the Bible says “Honor your father and mother.” At each stage in your life, that commandment might mean something different, in addition to circumstances you suggest. If you have some reason to be questioning this, then reading a stranger’s post on here probably won’t really quell the circle of thoughts in your heart and mind. If you are in doubt, ask a priest to talk with you about it. :wink:

IMO, you respect your parents because they are the instruments by which God has chosen to give you life. However, you do not have to respect the things they do or have done, if they have been bad parents, neither do you have to do things they want you to do if they are sinful–like stealing or lying, for example, nor do you have to emulate them if they have given bad example. And if one’s safety or life is at risk, you have the right to protect yourself.

However, they have been created in the image and likeness of God, and that must be respected in all human beings, even in the worst of us.

Pray for your parents.

There is a difference between respecting and honoring your parents, versus allowing yourself to still be treated like a child. And sometimes, respecting/honoring our parents can mean setting very strong boundaries to make sure you do not do or say things which can be disrespectful. That to many people could be interpreted as disrespect, but it’s something that is dealt with different.

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