Should we stand up when everyone stands up?


Should we all follow the rules of standing up when praying and reading from the gospel during the mass? I lose my focus when standing up and i prefer to kneel when praying. Is this a bad thing?


Yes , unless you have a disability .


Some will tell you that the rubrics are law that should not be ignored. God bless them.

However, knowing the mercy of God, I am doubtful Christ is standing behind you with a scorecard to determine your physical disposition at Mass to determine your qualification for entry into heaven.

Rather than judging you on your physical movements during that one hour a week, He is more likely reviewing your spiritual movement during the other 167 hours during the week.




The Gospel is a time for hearing the word of God. You can pray later.
One very important part of the mass is the dismissal. We hear the word of God and receive Jesus and now are sent out into the world to make it a better place! Our life becomes a prayer! :love_you_gesture:


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