Should we switch parishes?

edit…double post.

Double post?

Ah sorry about that. I’m having issues with the website. My original comment was…what does your husband want to do?

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Lol that’s okay. He isn’t sure. He’s spoken of switching churches before, but we’ve always stuck it out. I feel he truly doesn’t care too much. When this was going on, he had lost interest in attending mass altogether and I often went solo. I think a part of him resented this, because he felt like I wasn’t taking up his stance. I told him mass had nothing to do with the situation. He’s been in a spiritual slump for awhile, because I don’t believe he has that personal relationship with God. He’s never been the type to do something solely for the glory of God (at least that’s my interpretation of the situation), but continuously seeks proper recognition.

Perhaps her husband may not be be the most patient person but he may have his own reasons for acting the way he is. Some Pastors can be very demanding of parishioners as well so there may be two sides to this story we don’t know. Priests are human after all and have their own individual personalities too.

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Yes, I said it was a technicality. All parishes this days encourage people to register and consider one a member based on their registration. But that is meaningless from a canon law perspective. You are a member of where you live.

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See my previous post.

I’ve been working for parishes for a dozen years.

We do know Canon Law WRT things like parish boundaries, the term “register” is pretty much a term in the US which means “get in the parish database”.

We have people who live in other parish boundaries who register, when, for instance, they have a teen prepping for Confirmation, we contact their official pastor and get his permission for the Sacrament to be conferred here. Some Diocese offer blanket permission for these “Roaming Catholics” to receive Confirmation, Baptism, Marriage, at other parishes inside the Diocese. Other Bishops have very strict rules about registering at a parish that is not yours.

One of those things parish staff does behind the scenes that Joe and Sally Pewsitter do not have to worry about.

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