Should we watch Michael Voris?

I am coming into the Catholic Church. I should be starting RCIA at the end of summer sometime. What initially drew me into the Church was watching The One True Faith with Michael Voris back in 2006 or so. I’ve done a lot of studying over the years with plenty of internal struggles. I know that the Catholic Church is the Fullness of Truth that Jesus Christ created. I watch Church Militant frequently which is Michael Voris’s website as I’m sure most know. It seems that he only looks for the bad in the Church though. I can see why with his prior journalistic abilities of digging for dirt. Is it profitable to do so though? If all you are looking for is the bad, wouldn’t that hurt your faith? Take, for instance, Pope Francis coming out recently and strongly supporting the Church’s stance against abortion. I don’t recall any video or article about that supporting the Vicar of Christ. What are your thoughts on him and whether it is a good idea or not to continue supporting his work?


I much prefer Church Militant’s catechetics to their “digging for dirt” as you put it.


Call it what you will. I just used an every day term that I’m sure everybody would be familiar with. There was no negativity intended with that term I used and I apologize if it came off that way. They are right on so many of their articles and videos. That will not be disputed. What comes into question though is always looking at the negative. I really don’t see why they can’t have a mixture of both such as applauding Pope Francis for his stance on abortion even stating that abortion is like hiring a hitman and I wholeheartedly agree.


In my opinion, when a person’s “ministry” has been forbidden the use of the word Catholic as a descriptor by his own bishop, he/his group is not worth my time or attention.


Michael Voris needs to chill. I don’t like his delivery. In the end, I’m very concerned he’ll do more harm than good.


That is true. What caused it to be removed and the name had to be changed? Was that around the time of his last season of The One True Faith?

That’s what I feel too. If all you’re talking about is the negative side, I don’t feel that your Christian charity can thrive. It’s good to point out all the goats amidst the sheep but that shouldn’t be the only thing he focused on. Maybe he feels he needs to out the homosexuals in the church because he used to partake in that particular sin?

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Regrets but not a fan of his — I choose not to watch him unless someone asks me too.
Not saying everything he puts out is not worth watching but Church Militant just isn’t my cup of tea. We all have different likes and dislikes.


I seem to like the Headlines portion with Christine Niles more than The Vortex now. It’s only a few minutes long and seems to have a little bit of a lighter tone when talking about the news in the Church.


I agree with you.

He’s complimented Pope Francis when the Pope has said or done something that was in defense of the faith. You may see CM as being one sided and only commenting on the negative, but unfortunately there aren’t many other Catholic media outlets that are covering the same stories that CM is.

One can easily claim that other Catholic sites only focus on the positive and completely ignore the negative, thereby giving the impression that everything is fine. The same ol “nothing to see here, just move along…” approach.

Some people claim that just because he was asked to remove Catholic from their original title, that it somehow substantiates the claim that they are not faithful to the Church, which is rubbish! The true story behind what happened has been well documented and Michael Voris is very upfront and frank about what transpired.


I don’t recall every detail, but I do recall feeling like it was a move overdue. In my opinion, Voris was essentially presenting his sometimes rather extreme opinions and preferences as Church teaching where the Magisterium did not agree, and he did so in such a way that the average person could be caught unaware and be misled and misinformed.


It goes both ways. I do not like the way the big Catholic media companies try to push things under the rug. Just showing one side and not the other does a disservice to all involved. CM focuses on, mainly, the negative. EWTN and such just focus on the positive. There needs to be a middle ground somewhere. We are all human. We both sin as well as do good works. Focus on both and I think there wouldn’t be such backlash.


Why waste your time on negativity like that? I’m sure you have something else you could be doing with your time. Voris is a grinch.


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No, stay far away from him and Church Militant.


Thank you for that. Definitely will check it out.

I would much rather spend my time – and money – on more positive teachers of the Catholic faith.


Short answer: No.
Neither watch LifeSiteNews.

Watch Fr. William Nicholas or Bishop Robert Barron on YouTube.


Unfortunately many people will advice you to steer clear based upon nothing more than their opinion of his character and CM’s continued mission to shed light on corruption in the church. I always recommend them to anyone who asks.

In the end it doesn’t matter to me and I won’t lose any sleep over whether or not anyone on this forum watches CM or not. Some people don’t want to hear about which bishop or Cardinal is caught in a scandal or which priest is peddling errors and teaching things that are contrary to the faith. If anyone is being divisive, it’s those within the Church who are committing these atrocities, not those who are reporting them.

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