Should women cover their heads in mass?

I’m curious about people’s opinion on this matter. It’s been boethering me a lot lately for some strainge reason. I have felt that the Lord has called me to cover my hair when I am worshiping him both in Mass and in Adoration. I bought a simple head cover and have been wearing it for a few weeks now and I just feel so much more…um…womanly. I feel like I’d been walking into church scantally clad and now I’ve finally covered myself and it just seems so wonderful. Almost like as I go to recieve Holy Communion, I am God’s Bride! I was wondering what the ladies and gentilmen thought about this topic.
I feel like it’s a beautiful tradition that our church has lost in modern feminisim.
btw, I’m 25 and wasn’t alive when this was a requirement. I came to it on my own (with the prompting of the Holy Spirit).

Oh dear…you’re new here, so first: Welcome to the Forums!

Second, you probably don’t realize what a controversial question you’ve just asked. I suggest that you go up to the “Search” function and type in “head covering” or “veil” or “mantilla” and read the many, many threads that come up. The conversation is not always pleasant, unfortunately, but you’ll definitely get a sense of other people’s opinions on the matter!:wink:

I don’t think that this is neccessary, the movement of the Church, from Vatican Two, I believe changed their attidude a little bit. If you feel you need to wear it, I guess that’s ok. Although, whether or not you need to, that debatable.

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