Shouldn't Catholics Side With the Israel?

I’m not trying to offend anyone but with this whole chaotic frenzy between Israel and Palestine its got me thinking. Shouldn’t Catholics side more with Israel? I mean everything that’s happened to the Jews has been prophecized (they’d be scattered, persecuted, always remain an identity though, and one day be a nation again). I don’t know but to me this whole ordeal sounds like the prophecies and I feel like as a catholic I should be supporting this. As Catholics, should we support Israel or Palestine?

Why not support God’s children, i.e. the human beings getting murdered or mutilated on both sides?

We should pray for the innocent, that God directs his angels to protect them and that God has mercy on them.

Someone said that if the Palestinians laid down their weapons there would be peace. If Israel lay down its weapons it would be annihilated. Whilst this remains true, as I think it is, we should be on the side of the chosen people of God. Israel has been unwise in a number of decisions, and there needs to be greater work for peace coming from both sides, but I do not see Israel shooting hundreds of rockets into the houses of innocent women and children as I see from the Hamas side. The poster who supports the rights of the innocents on both sides has the Christian vision.

I don’t know the answer, but we must not forget there are Christians in Palestine.

I do not think it should be support for either Israel or Palestinians. It should be a question of what is right and what is wrong. Both sides have really gone beyond the pale here.

To me, there is a huge difference between aiming at military objects, with civilians being hurt as causalities (which is, of course, still horrible), and purposely aiming at civilians in cafes, bus stops, night clubs etc, where there is no military objects in sight. This is why I support Israel.

There was an exhibition in Dublin last week, given by an organisation of Israeli ex soldiers. With photos and a talk, they detailed how ordinary Palestinian people are harassed, regularly and in a casual way.

This is similar to the way Catholics were treated in Northern Ireland during The Triubles. They couldn’t get jobs and the police force harassed them at every turn. The territorial dispute was the same, also.

As long as Israel treats people so - ordinary people; not terrorists - then there will always be a rich supply of angry and bitter young men to take up arms against them. This is a simple, awful truth. There is atrocity on both sides but I feel that this apartheid treatment of people is a huge cause of anger. I am not so young as to fail to remember what my own country went through.

Everyone has the right to live - and to work - in Peace. Past suffering doesn’t give anyone more of a right than anyone else. Until both sides come to the Peace table with open and honest intentions; this will continue until the warmongers die or everyone eventually gets sick of hatred and the taste of blood.

May God sow seeds of a Peace in the hearts of the young people of Israel and Palestine. It is beginning already; there is reason to be hopeful for the next generation.

Israel today is a country (state, nation). Like every other country, it was created by Man and is governed by Man. Supporters of the State of Israel may like for you to believe that it is the same as the biblical Israel, God’s chosen people, but I do not believe that, and therefore I see no reason that Catholics should side with the State of Israel.

That strongly reminds me of colonial reaction to Native Americans.

Talk about taking side is very dangerous. God does not take side, love does not take side.

This Question can open a real can of worms,
Israel is not without sin, who’s side to pick, best we leave it all alone,

Given that the two sides can never, and probably will never agree on anything,
those who created the State of Israel by military force should now take the responsibility and do what is right by both Israel and Palestinians; create two states.
We are all children of this world and we all deserve a land we can call our own.

Not being American I don’t know the history of the colonial response to the Native Indians. From what I can garner from today’s America I can only presume annihilation, oppression and displacement to reserves with a destruction of their birth right which has been supported to this day? You may be correct in looking at the artificial borders set up by the British after WW2 but eventually nationhood as we know it revolves around the ability to defend the land you claim by force of arms. Ask Yugoslavia.
I agree, might does not mean right, but there is no reason for the six day war; nor the other existential wars being forced on Israel, normally by the enemies of the West.

Not only for the reasons listed above, but I also believe we should support Israel because they are still God’s chosen people and that land has been promised to them. I personally think they should have the entirety of the promised land, not just that small piece of it.

It sounds like you are advocating the concept known as Christian Zionism. This belief is very popular among many Protestants. For some of the strongest believers in this concept they really want to do all that they can to bring about the rebuilding of the temple to usher in the end of the age. I don’t claim to be an expert but I don’t think Catholicism traditionally supported this understanding.

No; the actions of Israel against the Palestinians are evil. They are also indiscriminate- they persecute Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Palestinians. To support Israel is to support Fascism.

Can you give me some examples?

When I met Palestinian Christians at World Youth Day they alerted us to the fact Mossad had attack and levelled there Church. They are in constant violation of UN Resolutions; but America keeps vetoing all resolutions against its puppet state.

Err, well, weren’t they supposed to be a nation again once they convert?

I don’t think Catholicism necessarily entails a position on a conflict, since such a position would necessarily rest on prudential evaluations of details on the ground about which reasonable people may disagree in good faith.

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