Shouldn't we retake the Holy Land?

We tried to retake the Holy Land a few time and failed because we were weak. Now Christendom could easily retake the Holy Land. The U.S. alone could do it. We tried so hard when we were weak but now that we are incredibly powerful we don’t give the Holy Land a second thought. Shouldn’t the Pope rally the UN, EU, US, and all of Christendom to retake the Holy Land. How could the Church allow the muslims to disrespect the Holy Land. I mean they built the dome of the rock on top of the Temple Mount. That alone is means for all out War. I’m not talking about ethnic cleansing, just retaking what is rightfully ours.

Guess i’m too new to vote… but yes I think we should.

What exactly do you mean by retake it… like with guns and killing???

Nah, I don’t think so!

Have a nice day:(

So, what do we do with those pesky little states known as Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan…heck, why not go into Egypt, too?

this thread will get locked, just so you know

Christians probably have just a little more freedom of religion in Israel than they do in countries dominated by Sharia law.

this thread is so silly

Sure, then maybe we can expunge the Jews from Rome while we’re at it. :shrug:

Did it ever occur to you that whomever we take it from might want it back? The Muslims wanted it back during the Crusades, and they succeeded.

“What do you mean “we” paleface”?

We initially had Crusades because there were reports that pilgrims of the Holy Land (and local Byzantine Christians, I think) were being sacked at some point in the 11th century, and the Emperor of the Byzantines called the Pope for help, sparking everything. For the Crusaders, all that conquest was an armed pilgrimage, but a pilgrimage nonetheless. Muslims never were a problem while they allowed Christian to do their voyages freely.

Given that the Muslims let us come to the Holy Land peacefully, there is no reason to conquer it from them. Jerusalem is still part of Christendom (although that concept isn’t very relevant anymore), as we have a Latin Patriarchy there and everything.

Jesus said in Luke 19 that the city of Jerusalem would never have peace. I say that we don’t need to feed the fire that is already lit in that matter. Those people that live there suffer with all these wars, and we shouldn’t be the ones to even propose to extend their suffering any further. :wink:

There are not designated Holy Lands as there are in Islam, where Mecca is the prime holy land, followed by Medina, followed by Jerusalem. In Catholicism, “The Holy Land” is more of a colloquialism for the land of the old testament patriarchs, and the 1st crusades were inspired from armed raids on Christian pilgrims.

Uh, no. Wow.

Anyone know how to write “Um…What!!!” in Hebrew?

God promised the Holy Land to the people (nation) of Israel, not Christians. It’s not ours to take.

No. Honestly, the Catholic Church and Christendom as a whole would be seen as a new al-Qaeda if it tried to. Claiming lands by force already established by people whose ancestors have been there for millenia to make a certain type of people and ideology rule the land is beyond barbaric.

ummmm…NO. :rolleyes:

I am actually shocked that people have voted, “yes.” :eek:

Me, too. If you want a country with a sizable Christian percentage, look at Lebanon.

I’d be in for a crusade to retake the holy land and come to the aid of our Christian brothers. But I don’t think Pope Francis is anything like Pope Urban II, and unfortunately Obama and the US like to train, arm and fund terrorists who target and kill Christian communities.

The Holy Land is Israel.

Though three are some Muslims there (and they are the most free Muslims in the region) Israel is predominantly Jewish.

I hope everyone voting yes we should retake the area is prepared to move there, because the only way to hold the land is to occupy it. I could live there now if I wanted to as my husband has citizenship but I don’t want to live there.

You are not historically accurate at all. But then neither was the OP. I think Israel belongs in the holy land. I don’t actually care what happens to Islam as they are clearly on a different path.

So, I say leave it as it is.


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