Shout out to Catholics


Hey everyone.

I’d just like to give a shoutout saying that I may not be christian and might not be one.

But i would like to say that you guys are the best christians I’ve known. Mostly because I have this thing about copy-cats and catholics are the originals…

sooo yeah
blessed be,



If only it weren’t mostly because we’re the originals…

All the best


Yes, are the originals.

Any other Christians stem from the Reformation are copy cats.


Well, the Orthodox, Copts, & Oriental Catholics are a bit older tha the Revolt (Reformation) :cool:


Thank you!

BTW here one of my favorite Catholic-convert quotes:

“The Catholic Church is only for Saints and Sinners. For respectable people, the Anglican Church will do.”
—Oscar Wilde


You are pretty original yourself, Cody! And thanks. Big time.


Yeaaahh…I don’t know why but i strongly dislike copy cats

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