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I watched The Third Man this afternoon, which I had DVR’ed off TCM a couple of weeks ago. Good movie, but I was surprised by a very quick shot of female almost-nudity in a bar. I checked the Wikipedia entry and apparently this shot was in the original British version, but it obviously wouldn’t have passed muster with the U.S. censors when the film was originally released in 1949. It seems the British version with the above mentioned shot is now the prevalent version on home video.

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Studio Ghibli is wonderful. I’ve been doing a mini marathon of the movies recently! I have watched Spirited Away but not your two other suggestions, so I will check them out. Thank you!

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Some of the pre code movies really are pretty questionable.

Yeah, I remember the first time I watched Metropolis, the classic silent sci-fi film, I was shocked at some of the suggestive content. But the whole silent era was before the code.

Saving Private Ryan

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