Show me... (a moment with God)

I just wanted to share the following experience…

Today, I was re-reading a book for single Christian women, and the author wrote that part of developing our relationship with God in preparation for our vocation is letting Him be who He is and not trying to change Him. So I prayed: Show me. Please, show me who You are so that I will better understand how to let You be Yourself. I was on the train and I felt Him urge me to go to a small Christian bookstore on the way home. But I have groceries that need to go in the fridge, I thought. Go to that store, came the gentle and persistent Voice. I got out at the stop, grocery bag and all, and a lady let me walk down the stairs in front of her. How kind, I thought. Then I walked down the street. As I waited at the crosswalk, I noticed an Indian couple in a car with a rosary hanging from the rear view mirror. I recalled the priest who came to speak about the ministries in India last weekend at Mass. When I entered the store, I prayed that God would show me what He wanted me to do there. He led me to a book about the life of my confirmation saint, a journal that says. “Live a life of love, Ephesians 5:2”, and…then, to the marriage section. *But You know I am more single than single right now, Lord. *Go to that section…so I went and He led me to a book from that section and a small, red stone cross. Now it is a few days before payday for me and I have just returned from a trip back East. Needless to say, I am a bit low on funds at the moment, and the total of what I had in my hand was about what I had on me in cash. Should I leave something? I prayed…*It sure would be nice to see that movie. Maybe I’ll just get th- * No…came the gentle Voice. So I got the items. “Oh! Now I have enough cash (in the till) again,” the sales lady said with a sigh of relief. I smiled.

Thank you for showing Me who You are today, Lord.

God works in very amazing and mysterious ways. There is always that small, quiet voice of God speaking to us in our minds but most of the time we do not slow down to try and hear it.


Thanks for sharing that lovely story. It reminds me that God is always with us, we just need to pa:) attention more sometimes (or I do ) :slight_smile:

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