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Peter did not “stop” being an Apostle. That is like saying he went back again from being Cephas to Simon. It can’t happen. Jesus changed him. I agree, he was not carrying on his Apostolic duty,and went back to fishing. Jesus asked him for a confession of love for each time Peter denied Him at the trial.

The Mass is derived from exactly these sources. The temple liturgy had a series of readings of the Law, the Prophets, and the Psalms. There was teaching. In the temple, there was sacrifice instead of eucharist. You have been misinformed about Catholic beliefs if you think that Jesus is “re-sacrificed” at the Mass. I understand that you grew up Catholic, but apparently you were not properly catechized.


He’s way off on the ECFs.

Look at the letter of Ignatius to the Smynaens, especially chapters 7 & 8.


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