Show me your Rosary beads!


I’m in the category of thinking it’s morbid. Give me regular beads!


Not my cup of tea, but I can see why others may like it.


Serves me right for plagiarizing Wikipedia! :hand: :hand:


One palm up and one palm down.


The knots look very rustic and I’d love to find one


My wife made me this Holy Souls rosary.




Like many of you I have a number of rosaries, but this wire-wrapped one is my favorite and what I carry with me. St. James crucifix and centerpiece.


Wow! That is stunning. :heart_eyes:


Thank you! The lady who made it does really good work. Because it’s wire wrapped, it’s darn near indestructible. I prayed its predecessor, a non-wire-wrapped St. James with metal shell-shaped beads, to pieces :flushed:

My ex-pastor has the same rosary except everything that’s white on mine is black on his.

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