Show me yours...

Hello fellow Catholics!
I was just curious to know if anyone else here has ever met one another? Funny enough, one of the people whom I consider a very close friend now, reached out to me a while ago and she and I have become very close friends as of late–I mean in terms of I travel to visit her parish, we hang out, and even volunteer within the catholic community together–so it has really been a blessing for me to encounter someone else who is in the entertainment industry and can relate. This forum is truly a blessing!
God bless. I would love to hear other similar stories. :thumbsup:

I have made some great friends, but they all live to far outa town,

Not that I know of, although it is possible given the anonymity of our user names that I know some from around me. I wish I could live close and share one on one with several here. And yoi are correct, the forum is a blessing.

I never met anyone here in this forum, though I know there are plenty of active people here live by me. It’s mainly because my purpose here is not social in nature.

OTOH, I am also active in a professional forum, and have met a significant number of individuals over there. In fact, a group of us from that forum get together every year around the holidays for a social/profession gathering.

Pax Christi!

Sigh… I wish I could meet some if the people I’ve “met” in this forum. The folks at the local parishes are very nice, but it would be great to meet some forum people.

It could happen.

God bless.

waaaaaaaay back when I first joined this wonderful forum, I noticed someone’s signature, which had one of those timeline markers. After doing a double take of it, I was compelled to pm said CAFer with a “wait! You two met on CAF?!”
He or she (don’t remember, to be honest) met the future spouse on CAF, met, and eventually married.
How cool is that?!



I sent a pm to a young woman one time and we started emailing each other every day. She was single and young, I am married and she is over 20 years younger than I am. :eek: we have a lot of shared interests and experiences. She would ask my advice or opinion on things going on in her life. After we spoke by email for out a year, she came here from Ireland and we had a great visit. We really don’t notice the age difference. She came back again another time a couple of years later as well and my daughter met her when she went there. I have known her for about 5 or 6 years now, and my whole family enjoyed her visits.

So there! People do actually meet friends they make here on CAF! :slight_smile:

Who wouldn’t want to meet her, lol? :smiley:


Goodness, she’s wonderful isn’t she? She was so kind to me when my mother was sick, and she prayed so faithfully for her, and for my entire family. She’s really something special!

She is truly one of a kind. I have told her that she prayed for my intentions even when I didn’t post on my own thread. May God bless her for all she does for other people.


:thumbsup: again!!

She started the ball moving with my moving!!! :D:D:D

I am SOO very thankful to her!! :wink:

I became a Facebook friend with another CAF’er but no personal contact.

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