Show us you backyard Mary statues!


I’m thinking about setting one up, and thought it would be fun to see the way folks have put up a Mary (or other saint) statue in the backyard.

If you’ve got a shot, can you post it?:slight_smile:


Mine is front yard, will remember to look for a picture when I get home and post it.


I really want to build a little Mary garden in the corner of our yard this summer, but we need to put in a privacy fence first (crummy neighbors) - and before that we need to pay off the new windows and siding…hmm - it might be awhile before you get that photo. :blush:



Ours is in the front yard, but it’s the middle of winter, so you’ll have to wait until spring to get a picture of anything but Our Lady of the Snow and Cold :smiley:


Post again when it’s not -10 outside with 2 feet of snow and I will likely go outside and take a picture of mine.



I would like to do this also…where can I find a nice sized statue of Our Lady…or any other saint and that’s good quality?


Leaflet Missal and Autom have nice statues. they are expensive, but high quality.


I will tromp carefully through the snow a little later- when it is warmer.


We drove down to Mexico and picked up a very nice statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

We also picked up a statue of St. Francis, but he got decapitated when the kids were out playing in the backyard. We tried to glue his head back on, but it kept falling off. I think we have disposed of it.

I’ll try to get you some pictures of the Mary statue. It’s pretty basic, and right now there aren’t any pretty flowers around her because it’s winter.


Ours is cement painted a cream color, off white to make it stand out even in snowy weather. We got her the summer Meg was 4 at a nursery and lawn place. She cost about $150. Meg developed a devotion to Mary in preschool. Daisy tried to talk me into cement cats, an elf, a fairy with metal turning wings, and a gnome. But we brought home Mother Mary, and put her on cement blocks so she doesn’t sink into the dirt.


I’ve got Mary in the front (but the JW’s still come by to try and ‘save’ me)!

And St. Francis in the back next to the birdbath.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to post a picture.:o


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