Show Us Your Bible!


As the title says, show us your Bible!

Interesting? Worn out? Old? Rare? Blessed by the Pope?

You guys might get a kick out of this one. It is a Douay Old Testament with “Confraternity” New Testament - Prince of Peace Catholic Edition from Union Labor Memorial Bibles Inc. in Lancaster, OH circa 1963. They claim to be the only 100% unionized Bible manufacturer in existence.

It is a memorial Bible - would have been given as a gift in memory of someone deceased. I rescued this several years ago from the back room of an antique store on Long Island for eight dollars.



WOW! That is beautiful!


I picked a Douay-Contraternity Gregorian Edition Bible on e-bay the other day. It is just a beautiful Bible! I did a mini review of it (with photos) on if you are interested in a few more details.


To the OP: What a beautiful Bible at such a great price. What a blessing!~


Beautiful. I’ll let people click into your blog to see/read the rest.



I don’t have anything to match the beauty of your Bible, but I’m trying to make up for the lack of quality with quantity.


I think Christ is going to say to us, “You had all these Bibles and so you can’t claim ignorance.”



Fantastic looking Bible! Hope it brings you closer to God. God bless you


As I told Tim in another thread, I use the RSV-2CE:

Supplemented with my NABRE:


It’s not my blog, but I post there frequently. :thumbsup:


This is my daily Bible:

It’s a first edition Challoner Bible, Old and New Testament. The extra volume is an extra New Testament. All have been rebound reusing the original marbled calf boards and then housed in a leather box.

Here’s a link to my album here on CAF


I’d love to just hold those in my hands. Is there a history behind them? Did they belong to someone in your family or did you purchase them somewhere?



My Baronius Press Knox Bible rebound in goatskin:


Wow! That’s an impressive collection of books and Bibles you have! So far, all I have is a wish list. :wink:


I have dozens of Bibles, and I sometimes collect “antique” Bibles (I know, the 1950’s technically wasn’t that long ago).

This Bible I’m showing is a KJV Collins Bible from the 1940’s/1950’s (I’m not exactly sure of the date of this Bible). My father has a Collins Bible (KJV) that was given to him in the late 1960’s. I adore it greatly because it has photos of the Holy Land and a lot of interesting “Helps” at the end of the Bible; it’s also a self-pronouncing edition and is red-letter. I’ve been trying to find an exact copy of his online but I’ve only seen a few.

So, this one I purchased for $10 off of ebay. It’s not the same one as my father’s but it’s similar. It’s in very good condition but it’s not red-letter and includes different artwork. It is a real leather cover.

I have more “antique” Bibles I can post later.


Thanks! :smiley: Those are just some highlights. Anymore I can rarely find anything. The supply is just so extremely limited. :frowning:


LOL! Thanks! That was funny!


I’ve got a few, the “newest” one I’ve gotten is this Douay version of the old plus the Confraternity version of the new. I’d like to know more about this version if anyone has a link.

*sorry for the poor pictures, my hands aren’t very steady.


Who did the binding? Could you recommend them?

I guess I’ll look at your blog.



I wear these paperbacks out about every 5 years or so teaching Catechism.

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