Showing reverence and kindness


I am looking for suggestions on how to show reverence, kindness, respect, love, and faithfulness to my husband. Any ideas are welcome.



Here are some ideas that I’ve been working on with DH (your mileage may vary):

Listen really well, with your whole body focused on what he’s saying. Make eye contact, angle your body toward him, open body language. Be empathetic, mirroring his thoughts and feelings back to him. Don’t judge what he did or how he feels, just accept. Don’t interrupt.

Be really happy to see him when he (or you) gets him from work. Don’t ask questions right away. Give him some quiet time (I turn off the radio when DH gets home).

Do little things for him that you know he likes (but don’t require that he be happy, just do it to let him know you love him).

Compliment and thank him at the end of the day on something he did that you particularly like. Thank him for going to work to support the family, for the hard work he puts in around the house, etc.

And… (speaking from my experience) make love! Even when you might not “feel like it” - at first.

Take care of yourself so you can give yourself more completely to your husband (and he to you). Since I’ve been exercising regularly my mood has improved so much and I’ve felt more attractive. When I worried out loud that I was taking this time for myself, DH told me he considered it a gift I could give to the family because I’ve been so much happier lately.

My two cents!


Go read the or listen to anything by Christopher West.


Pray for him. Get a copy of Fr. Dubay’s “Deep Conversion/Deep Prayer”.


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