Shows or Videos like Life Worth Living by Venerable Fulton John Sheen


Hi everyone. I am new here. Hope that we could get well together.
I would like to ask something.
Recently I have been watching videos of Venerable Fulton John Sheen. His videos were so awesome that no priest in my place nor anything I have heard in the web had touched my heart. It really inspires me to grow spiritually. Now I am searching for something as awesome like Venerable Fulton John Sheen. Are there any videos, audios, shows, etc… like his? I may be a Lay Person or Clergy for as long as it belongs to the Catholic.
Any answers would be greatly appreciated for my spiritual growth.
More power and thanks.


Have you checked what EWTN has to offer?


Sorry but I am not contented with their offerings. I guess Venerable Fulton John Sheen is one of a kind evangelist and preacher that made him worth of being called Venerable. Please suggest more. Please forgive me for being too choosy.


Sorry I haven’t really watched Archbishop Sheen before to know and compare.

There’s Relevant Radio. You can see what they have to offer.



OP, have you read any of his books?
They’re very good


Great idea indeed 0Scarlett_nidiyilii however i don’t have credit card to purchase them on ebay or amazon and ebay or amazon has no cash-on-delivery options so this makes me feel discouraged.


You probably can borrow books by Fulton Sheen from the Public Library.

He’s one of the few Catholic authors they carry.

I read several of books by him from the library.

Eventually, I found some at church bazaars and such



JimR-OCDS, good for you that you have those in your area but in my area they are very scarce and the biggest Public Library here in my area is owned by a Protestant Denomination so no Catholic Books, and other libraries are private so no choice.


Check Churches in your area. Some Churches have books for free or for small donation. I saw a few of his books at Churches in my area. You can check YouTube. There’s plenty of videos of him there.


Sorry Zach but in my area it is different. Nothing is free even books and the like. My diocese here had no such thing of what you described. I wish it had but reality is disappointing. How I wish that I can get those books even if i will have to pay much.


EWTN is where I learned about the show.


You will really like talks by Fr. John Corapi. Many of his videos are on You Tube. His videos and CD’s are also available via eBay, but due to demand they can be expensive to buy. His talks are very orthodox.


Thanks for the suggestions but I am really scared of him because of the allegations that was thrown at him and despite that suffering he encountered he never obeyed his superiors. I’m scared that I may end up believing on a bad fruit.

Hope for a Padre Pio Humility, even though at times of suffering, he would never disobey his supperiors and Venerable Fulton John Sheen also showed this with his encounter with Cardinal Spellman. Despite Archbishop Sheen’s suffering he even went so far as to praise Spellman in his autobiography.


You are confusing his personal life today versus the contents of his sermons years ago. Those are two different things. Regardless of Fr. Corapi’s situation today, whatever it may be, his presentations over the years are outstanding and very enlightening to view or listen to. His state in life today does not negate the quality of his talks given 20 years ago or so.


I agree.

Bishop Barron is good to listen to, in my opinion.

I saw Father Corapi at a conference, I guess about 10 years ago. I left with an uneasy feeling that I couldn’t pinpoint why.


I would recommend also Father Benedict Groeschell. I’m not sure where to find him, but his talks were good. Maybe on EWTN?

I don’t know if maybe the Franciscan friars of the renewal have links to his talks on their website.


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