Shows that aren't good, but you still have to watch when on

The Overated tv show thread and a Facebook thread of a friend’s got me thinking, which shows, while not terrible impressive, can you not resist turning off when they are on in syndication?

I don’t have cable or basic, but when I did, mine were:

Saved By The Bell
What’s Happening
The Cosby Show

For me it’s “Family Guy.”

Although the situation there is “it’s so bad, I can’t not look at it…”

Usually hubby will save me by coming out and putting something else on. It just works me up.


The Daily Show
White Collar
Psych (Although this show is great, it doesnt have hardly anything in the way of morals)

I nominate the Australian soap opera Prisoner Cell Block H, known simply as Prisoner in its homeland. It is totally devoid of any intellectual nutrition, the set wobbles when the close the gates to cells – but just the thought of hearing someone like the character of LIzzie saying “Crikey, Bea!” or the prisoners referencing to Vera as “Old Vinegar (won’t use the word here)” makes me giggle.

It is literally so bad that its good!

God bless


Haha - oh yes, I have fond memories of Prisoner (it was made a good 25 or more years ago) - and that sappy theme song! Unfortunately it’s not on repeats on any free-to-air TV station here in Oz, so I haven’t seen it for the longest time.

For me, I have to admit I’m a sucker for cooking shows.

Now I personally don’t share tastes with all the chefs out there in TV land. Some shows are seriously bad - in fact some of what they make looks outright horrific. I’m thinking especially about the British series ‘Two Fat Ladies’ (Clarissa, one of the ladies, has since passed on, God rest her). As characters they were wonderful and hysterically funny, but omigosh the sickening amounts of cream, butter and so on that they used in EVERYTHING.

Yet somehow something sucks me in to keep watching those shows.

What, all except Whats Happening, I was always under the impression that these where/are very good shows./:shrug::blush::slight_smile: My kids love them too, I get them on netflex.

*]The Simpsons

“Saved by the Bell” might have been on the list, but the last one I saw and really listened to the jokes made me ponder how that show ever entertained me.

Simpsons… used to be so good, and now is so bad, but if I ever happen to see it I watch it.

Also Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Thundarr the Barbarian.

I used to include CSI:Miami as a show that was really bad, but I would still watch just for David Caruso’s hilariously leaden “acting”, but I finally had to stop watching it - it’s just getting too gruesome, and the music too bad, and after Delko got shot yet again it just wasn’t much fun anymore.

“my name is shake-zilla the mike rula, the old schoola, wanna trip, Ill take it to ya”

How could I forget aqua teen?!?!?!?!?!

And Bleach!!!

Okay, I guess what I meant was shows that you can’t resist watching (usually in syndication). Kinda like the fact that even though I have Wizard of Oz on dvd, when its on tv, I still have to watch it


NCIS rocks!

Bad shows I just watch when on?

SouthPark (when I had cable)
Game shows.
Dungeons and Dragons cartoons

I love the old cheesy sci fi shows like Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.
In those days the rubber monsters growled and went on a rampage.
Nowadays they start quoting Macbeth.:rolleyes:

**i love America’s Funniest Home Videos!
Especially the last 10 years with Tom Bergeron, every show has a “wet my pants” moment when the guy, usually with a mullet bites it, or when the cat swats the dog…! (The older shows were funny, despite the pathetic hosts!)

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


Shows that aren’t actually all that good, and are probably immoral to watch, but I like them anyway:

“Canada’s Worst Driver”
“Parking Wars”
“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”
“The Colbert Report”

Shows that I think are well-done, but are probably immoral to watch:

“CSI: Miami”
“CSI: New York”
“CSI” the original one
“NCIS: Los Angeles”

Shows that I don’t mind admitting I watch:

“Sherlock Holmes”
“The Untouchables”
“Doctor Who”

Oh yes – that is fabulous! Actually it was Jennifer, not Clarissa, who has passed away. And-- la creme sur la souffle is that she was a devote Catholic! Yeah – one our team! According to ye old wikipedia:

*Paterson was a devout Roman Catholic who never married. She died in 1999 of lung cancer in England. She asked for caviar for her last meal but died before she could eat it. She was cremated at Putney Vale Crematorium, and her ashes were then buried in the cemetery there.

She was survived by an uncle, Monsignor Canon Anthony Bartlett OBE (who died in 2000), a close clerical associate of Basil Cardinal Hume to whom he was Gentiluomo.

Paterson was a parishioner of the London Oratory. She would cook for the Fathers on a weekly basis. An abstract portrait of her hangs in the Kitchen of Oratory House.

God bless


Sorry, it was Jennifer, I sometimes get the names mixed up :o She and Clarissa both seem to be far more interesting as people than as cooks.

Caviar for your last meal, now THAT is going out in style! Hope she’s enjoying plenty of caviar, champagne and whatever else on the other side, and is happily cooking for St Pete and the angels. :harp:

Dear JustaServant,

Cordial greetings and a very good day.

Heartly concur,Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was superb television and compulsive viewing, as were the other Irwin Allen shows like Land of the Giants, *Time Tunnel * and, last but not least, Lost in Space..

“Cheesy sci fi” it may have been, judged by todays brash standards, but it was clean and wholesome entertainment for *all *the family. Would that there was an abundance of such shows today rather than the deplorable and profane Simpsons and Friendsprogrammes with their puerile ‘nerd’ humour. However, back to Voyage, the rapor between Dick Baseheart and David Hedison was excellent and IMHO accounted for the phenomenal success of the show both Statside and here in the UK. Those chaps made the show what it was and both had a terrific screen presence.

At long last the entire four series have been released on DVD during the course of this past year (2011) in the UK on Region 2. The DVD’s contain extras, including interviews with David Hedison, who remenices about his time on the show back in the 60’s - all jolly interesting stuff, if I may say. My favourite episodes are the two werewolf stories, which I think were among the best, though I must confess, Admiral Nelson’s werewolf affliction does seem rather laughable now. Having said that, I do think it holds up jolly well and I enjoyed watching ‘The Mark of the Beast’ episode again recently. As a boy of 8 back in 1969, it did frighten me a little and I remember asking my grandmother why Admiral Nelson had a “big teddy bear head and hairy hands” - cannot recall her reply!

Voyage was undeniably a ground-breaking sci-fi series and the genius of Irwin Allen was unparalleled, setting new standards as regards suspense, vision and imagination. Who will ever forget the rampaging gorillas, diabolical puppet masters, time-travelling androids and interplanetary kidnappings that was the weekly fare of this show. Great memories from a great show.

Warmest good wishes,



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