Shows you loved, that went off the air

My kids, dh, and I absolutely loved Joan of Arcadia…for those who have never seen it, it was such a terrific show for our youth. It showed a girl who was put into a lot of compromising situations, but always followed what God was telling her. He would appear to her through different people, and often ask her to do things so out of the norm–it was such a great show.:frowning: I know why they canceled it, because it supposedly wasn’t getting great ratings…but hello…they put it on at 8pm on a Friday night. If they had placed that during the week…say Tuesday night at 8pm, it would still be running!

So…what shows do YOU miss? (anyone remember Joan of Arcadia?):o

I still miss the Muppett Show!

Oh gosh, I miss The Mole, The Class, Reunion, and so many others in the past few years I wouldn’t be able to list them all.

It seems like the recent trend (not counting this year with the writer’s strike which actually provides just cause for new-show hiatus) the big 3 networks show new shows from very late September until mid-November, then don’t show another episode until mid-January, when they express shock and disdain and surprise that ratings have dropped and put in a potential mid-season replacement that also fails. If they would just play the shows Sept- May they wouldn’t have this problem, in my humble too-much- TV Watching Opinion.

Hi Chovy;

Yes…I agree…I’m not a big network show watcher…but I used to watch Joan, and then a few other CSI type shows, a while back, and actually thought many times that the shows went off the air…only to find out they were on an enormous hiatus:blush:

I watch a lot of wedding shows, for some reason, lately…but they are not on a schedule.

I also miss The Practice…that was a fine show with unique weekly plot twists.

I miss "All In The Family"

:smiley: aw. remember how innocent that show was, and adults and kids watched it with the same laughter!

ooooh yeah. i think they show reruns now and again. nothing was quite like that show. remember one day at a time? that too was good.

oh…i miss THAT GIRL! lol :smiley: My dh told me those were reruns i was watching as a kid, but he actually saw the real deal when it ran its stint. ha

You know what else I miss?? I Love Lucy reruns…THAT was a comedy show.

I miss The Carol Burnett Show. Music, comedy, and it was CLEAN. Great ensemble work too.

I can still see Carol as “Starlet O’Hara” in that green velvet dress with the curtain rod across her shoulders telling Harvey (as “Rhatt”) that she ‘saw the dress in the window and had to have it’, LOL.

HAHAHAHAHA:D YES! She was amazing. What a great sense of humor…and INNOCENT.

Nowadays, shows have constant sexual undertones and innuendos that I think are supposed to be humorous? :rolleyes:

I miss Frasier, Quantum Leap, and *As Time Goes By. *I know these shows are all on repeat, but I miss being able to see new ones, too.

Scout :tiphat:

:rotfl: ha!!

I’m not familiar with Time Goes By?? My dh LOOOOOVED Quantum Leap (I loathed that show:blush: ) But…he misses that one too…

Frasier was really good. Hey, and Cheers. I remember that show as a teenager. (not the rereuns!) lol

As Time Goes By was a BBC show with Judi Dench about a couple who fell in love during the Korean War, lost touch when he was shipped to Korea, then met again and fell in love again some 30 years later. Very funny show. Also very clean. I loved it because the comedy was very natural-just conversational comedy. Not everything was a set-up for a joke that you could see coming a mile away. It was just natural conversation and it was great.

I love Frasier but I hated Cheers. I know that sounds odd, but even though both shows had Frasier Crane as a character, they were two completely different shows.

Scout :tiphat:

My So-Called Life
Freaks and Geeks
The Tick (live action, not the cartoon)

All of the above aired for one season or less. I wish we’d had a chance to see what else the writers had planned.

Freaks and Geeks is the show I mourn the most. It was an incredible show, killed way before its time, while countless crapfests air for years and years and years :mad:

I also wish we’d gotten the planned 5th season of Farscape, and that they’d finished out Arrested Development properly. Andy Richter Controls the Universe was hilarious and dumped all too soon.

Miracles with Skeet Ulrich was a short-lived series with a lot of potential, and of course, Joan of Arcadia. We hate Ghost Whisperer because it was such a slap in the face - I understand they can’t keep floundering shows on the air forever. but replace it with something different! Not the lowest common denominator version of the show you just cancelled (blow up doll Jennifer Love Hewitt instead of earthy Amber Tamblyn, ghosts instead of God, etc).

X-Files is a show I miss, but firmly believe should have been axed after season 6, 7 at the absolute latest.

Freaks and Geeks was amazing! I miss it too.

I also miss Rocko’s Modern Life, Pete and Pete, Hey Dude, Salute Your Shorts…all the great Nickelodeon shows that I grew up with. Ugh, I hate the stuff they have on there now!

My Mother the Car

How did I forget Arrested Development. That was the best show ever.

Since DH and I are totally kids at heart, I remember watching those shows and I miss them too! However I love Spongebob and Fairly Oddparents. :blush:

I also miss the REAL Saturday morning cartoons like Bugs Bunny & the Road Runner, Superfriends, Schoolhouse Rock ('cause Knowledge is Power!! :D), Bullwinkle.

I love the The Mary Tyler-Moore show, Bob Newhart, I Love Lucy, Patty Duke, etc. I wish Tv Land and Nick at Nite would bring back the true classics, and not just re-run the shows from the 80’s and 90’s. :frowning:

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