Shows you loved, that went off the air

The Mary Tyler-Moore show, Bob Newhart, Cheers, Frasier, MASH, just to name a few.

What’s Happening! and What’s Happening Now!
The Cosby Show
The District
Rags to Riches (if anyone ever watched that or remembers it)
Friday the 13th (I’d be amazed if anyone here ever watched that, let alone remembers it).
The Jetsons

Anyone remember 21 Jump Street? I loved that show!!!


I watched it, in the dark, with my finger on the remote to change it to something more wholesome should my parents discovered me watching it in my room.

YES! I watched it every week - it was my first “grownup” show. At the time I had such a crush on Dustin Nguyen - only as an adult do I see the appeal of Johnny Depp :smiley:

I remember there was an episode where Depp’s character had to go undercover in a mental hospital, and wound up trapped there - it horrifies me to this day.

Look what I found!!!

I’ll be singing this all day now!!! :smiley:


When I saw this thread THAT is the show I thought of. That was a GOOD show.

ha! really?Yes, I miss it…great great message and moral…every single show.

WOW! Is that the one with the orphan girls and it’s kind of a musical? I watched that in Jr. High!! :smiley: :smiley:

Yep, that’s the one.

LOL:D Look at their hair! ( we had hairdos like that I think):blush:

I’ll second missing “My So-Called Life” and I’ll add “JAG” and “Crossing Jordan.”

**JAG **never had much of a following in my generation (late Generation X; I recently entered my 30s), but as a big military booster (and a former paralegal and a Harm and Mac shipper), I loved it! :slight_smile:

Crossing Jordan just went off the air this summer, but I find that it is one of the few shows that a one-line plot synopsis will bring right back to your mind almost in its entirety – it was that original! :).

I’m always a sucker for shows where the people feel like a family and they are all trying to do the right thing, but are messed-up just like the rest of us. At least I still have a few JAG tapes and I can read fanfic for both shows.

By the by, am I the only one who thinks that TV-show DVDs are way overpriced. If they were more like $20/season than $45 I might actually buy them… just a thought! :smiley:


I was spitting nails when the Scifi Channel pulled the rug out from under FARSCAPE. If you get into scifi, you better be prepared to say goodby to shows before their time almost annually.

I won’t drone on a list of a dozen shows I’ve lost in the last half dozen years. Unless someone really wants to know, I don’t see too many scifi fans. Hmm, why do my shows go away?:rolleyes:

Definately better than Boston Legal. Especially when Alan Shore joined the cast. :slight_smile:

I liked a show called Major Dad. I hated to see it get cancelled.

oh my gosh, major dad…yes! I remember that show…it was really good. Oh, and Who’s the Boss? That was also a very innocent type sitcom.

Boston Legal, bleck…nothing more than a soap opera riddled with sexual undertones, and overatures, sprinkled with some lawsuits and quasi interesting cases that the firm takes on. I watched the first few episodes, and then just lost interest…I actually found it to be very contrived, and boring.

Baby Talk. It was like the Look Who’s Talking Movies, but much more G rated. And it didn’t reach 4 seasons or 100 episodes so there was no guarantee of syndicated run. :frowning:

Touched by an angel also comes to mind…although, I didn’t watch that much. A friend of mine also like that medicine doctor show…starring Jane Seymour…I didn’t like that show much! LOL:p

I loved Joan of Arcadia and there was no getting me to leave the house on Friday evenings unless it was an emergency – and then the VCR was used. It infuriated me when they cancelled the show, just when it got edgy – ratings were used to justify it but how many times have shows taken a few season to really get going?

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