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Hi all! I just finished watching a documentary on the Shroud of Tourin. I couldn’t believe how many theories there were concocted by various people. I was just wondering, what’s the Church’s position on this? I found it odd that the documentary didn’t even mention this.

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Rome has niether officialy endorsed nor condemned veneration of the Shroud of Turin as the burial shroud of Christ. In the past many hierarchs have openly supported veneration of the Shroud, and today it is widespread in the Church.

However, the Church has endorsed Devotion to the Holy Face, which is centered around the visions of Christ and the Blessed Virgin recieved by a Sister Pierina who died in 1945. In one of her visions Sister Pierina was given a medal by Our Lord- on one side is a depiction of a radiant Host, on the other is the face of Christ from the Shroud of Turin. The first medal to be struck was given to Pope Pius XII.


National Geo. & History channel are not good or reliable sources for religious documenarys or biblical information.:frowning:


VERY GOOD Caesar! :thumbsup:

As soon as I saw this thread I knew s/he had watched NG today.:eek:


I watched the NG documentary tonight, as well. It wasn’t anti- or pro-authenticity. I thought it was a fair representation on the shroud and the various views about it. It was interesting.


I will admit it is interesting but, by no means was it a fair representation. I’ll try to locate the information I do have on the Shroud from Catholic sources & post when I do.

Both channels I listed are very anti Catholic & promoted the Devinci Code amongest others.


Thank you all for your comments! I did see the documentary on National Geographic. I think I would be hard-pressed to say that the program was unbiased, especially when at the end, they presented a “theory” that it was a cover-up by the Church. I turned off the TV when I heard that.

Thanks for the info, Caesar!


These are good.


There is actually more proof to show the Shroud is a 1st Century artifact. More scientist are starting to believe it is one of a kind article. I personally think the Shroud of Turin is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ base on my research on the subject.

The image on the shroud is the proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


They presented that theory, as well as the Church’s view, as well as other skeptic’s views. They didn’t ridicule any view. At the end, which you apparently missed since you turned it off, they ended it with questions, not certainty. Was it as the Church taught (Resurrection)? Was it as the skeptics state (Fake from the Middle Ages)? Or, was it as the dingbat* Jesus Conspiracy *folks think (Christ was removed from the tomb after saving him from death)? Okay, they didn’t use the term “dingbat”, but my point is this is a sign of a secular, unbiased view. I take it for what it was.

Now, it sounds like what you want is a Catholic biased show about the Shroud. In that case, I think you should be tuning in to EWTN. :shrug:


Agreed. In fact, that is a view the show gave. One of the Shroud supporters bemoaned the fact that one piece of evidence (carbon dating) caused people to throw out all of the other overwhelming evidence that the Shroud is genuine.

Unfortunately, the best argument for why the carbon dating went wrong is presented by the Jesus Conspiracy guys. They believe the Shroud is genuine, but then go into their kooky heretical idea that it is not a sign of the Resurrection.


I find it interesting that they’ve found what actually formed the image on the shroud is carmelized polysacharides. A chemical reaction heated up the sugars from the plants in which the shroud was made. I’m guessing something like a nuclear explosion happened inside that wrapping.:wink:


You really should not say that because it is untrue. There is absolutely NO proof that the Shroud of Turin is the burial cloth of Christ and it can NEVER be proven.
The best that could ever be proven (if ever, and that is not done yet) is that it would be a first century cloth.
Anything else is simply what the individual believes and the Church allows us to believe for or against. There will never be a declaration of authenticy from the Church.


I found this book really interesting! Well researched and easy to read.

The Shroud of Turin and the C-14 Dating Fiasco by T.W. Case


I would never say “never,” but I do believe that is the reason the Church does not take a definitive stand. You would need to have some pretty strong proof, in order for the Church to ensure that the Shroud was indeed the burial cloth of Christ.


Then how did the image get into the burial cloth? Study shows that some mysterious force cased it to form microscopic burn marks on the cloth, which form the imprint of the body of a crucified man.

Scientist cannot explain how this image came into being. It is believed that when Jesus rise from the dead, light fill the tomb. The light produce enough energy to cast imprints on the linen cloth.

I believe the Shroud to be the burial cloth on several reasons:

  1. The image in the shroud has wounds on his head showing that a crown of thorns were place there. There is only one man who was crucified with a thorn on his head. The thiefs on Jesus left and right did not have a crown of thorns.

  2. THe image of the shroud had his side pierced. The Bible shows that a soldier pierced the side of Christ where blood and water come out.

  3. The image of the shroud **has wipe marks on his back **just like the Gospel describe when Jesus was scourged.

  4. The image in the shroud shows a man nailed on his wrist and feet. In Greek, the word hand also included the wrist.

  5. There are bruise marks on his kneels and swelling indicting the man in this image fell three times on his way to the cross (base on the station of the cross)

Base on these factors, I believe the image of the Shroud is Jesus Christ. You cannot convince me that it isn’t. You haven’t proven anything that it isn’t Jesus.

The Church hasn’t declare it so, but believers can decide for themselves to see if it is. I use to doubt it was the burial cloth of Jesus until I done my research. I investigate the shroud to find any truth to its claim. I am convince it is the Linen Cloth belonging to Jesus.


Description of the Shroud by a detailed, doctors and pathologists


The face is badly bruised and swollen, especially on the right side (left side in negative picture), as the right eye is almost swollen shut. The nose appears as though it might have been broken.

There is a puncture wound in one of the wrists, the other wrist is covered, but it is also believed to have a puncture wound since there is a trickle of blood flowing up the arm.

Dr. Pierre Barbet noticed that on each hand, only four fingers are visible. He discovered that when the median nerve is struck, the thumb locks into the palm of the hand.

There is also a puncture wound on one of the feet, the other foot image is cut off by the cloth. The knees are badly damaged (particularly the left knee) as if by a fall.

In the chest area, there is a large puncture would between the fifth and sixth rib on the right side of the man. This is a post-mortem (after death) wound that has caused a lot of blood flow as well as a watery serum. It appears that something such as a sword, lance, or a spear was thrust into this man’s side, piercing his heart.

On the back, the doctors noticed that in the head region there are several puncture wounds that seem to indicate something spikey, in a cap-like shape was placed on this man’s head.



Down further, there is a large blood stain from the puncture wound in the side. The blood flow goes across the back.

Throughout the entire back image, and even parts of the frontal image, are small dumbell shaped blood marks that match up to the size and shape of a wound from a First Century Roman flagrum. To date, there have been over 160 of these blood marks found. There are probably many more, however, only the blood marks that would be moist when the cloth was laid over the body would have been absorbed and leave their witness on the Shroud.

Finally, on both of the soles of the feet is a puncture wound.

The doctors and pathologists concluded that it appears as if this man was beaten, scourged, and crucified in the manner of Jesus of Nazareth.

I don’t know if this will convince you but the graphic description to me is convincing enough that the man in the Shroud is Jesus Christ.

No other man suffer and the only person we know who was beaten, scourged and crucified is Jesus Christ. The details are in the Gospels.

The two thieves were not beaten, and scourge the same manner Jesus was. It is also strange that this is the only Shroud with a image of a man crucified on it.


This fact alone is very interesting to me. If we were looking at 100s or 1000s of burial cloths from crucified men, trying to determine which one was Jesus, that would be one thing. There are no others that I know of - otherwise we would be comparing the Shroud to them.

I’ve heard the arguments as to how the image could have occurred outside of the Resurrection, but they all fall short. And they all cause me to wonder, why there aren’t more examples if it is so easy to make the image.

BTW…no one has been able to recreate the Shroud. They have made some fakes, but nothing with the same attributes.


The things there are no other shroud with an image imprinted into it.

I’ve heard the arguments as to how the image could have occurred outside of the Resurrection, but they all fall short. And they all cause me to wonder, why there aren’t more examples if it is so easy to make the image.

We don’t have the technology to reproduce the image at subatomic level. One scientist said the image was done with a pre

BTW…no one has been able to recreate the Shroud. They have made some fakes, but nothing with the same attributes.

The fakes failed to resemble anything like the shroud of turin. We can’t reproduce the Shroud. God did it as a sign.

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