Shūsaku Endō's "Silence"

Anyone read this book? I read it years ago while in the seminary. I thought it was a fantastic novel about suffering, the silence of God, and the suffering silent God. It’s written by a Japanese Catholic and deals with the persecution of Catholics in Japan.

It’s being made into a movie by Martin Scorcese.

I have not read it - it looks like something I would like though - thanks for the recommendation!

A must-read (Catholic) novel imo.

I read it within the past two years, and I was frankly blown away by it. It actually made me a bit uncomfortable with some of the assumptions I’ve made in this life about who is a Christian and who isn’t. I heartily praise and recommend this book.

I had thought Scorsese had changed his mind, and cancelled the project. Is it back on again? Awesome! Can’t wait!

One of my favorite novels of all time, and one which my mother and I read together, which prompted some very interesting discussions (oddly enough, we read it right about the time that my fascination with Japanese media and culture started to unfold, so it was a good way to start).

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