Siberian city wants to make cat mayor


CNN International:

Disillusioned Siberians want cat to be mayor

(CNN)A town in Siberia has given further proof that 2016 is the year of the political outsider, after declaring they want to be ruled by a cat.
Dissatisfied with corrupt politicians, residents in Barnual are pushing for Barsik, an 18-month Scottish Fold, to become their new mayor.
The cat has won more than 5,000 votes against six human rivals, in an unofficial poll run by popular regional social media page, Altai Online, on Russian social network Vk.

This vote share amounted to a staggering 91.6% by Wednesday.
“The success of Barsik is down to the other candidates not being well known to the citizens of the city,” Altaysky Seyatel, administrator of the forum, told CNN.
“People don’t understand the other candidates’ programs, their motives for the nomination, or what they want to do for the city.”

“Who would you like to see as the new mayor of Barnaul?”
Some of Barsik’s supporters shared their reasons for support in the anonymous poll.
Evgheniy Evdoseenko posted: “What the cat could steal at most is Whiskas (a brand of cat food),” before claiming that the human candidates were likely to buy “yachts”.
“By Barsik’s eyes I see he is concerned about the people,” wrote another supporter, Yury Vladimirovich.

A cat concerned about people? I doubt it.


And he’s a colorpoint too! All hail the kitty LOL


My cat approves of this proposal!


My 7 do also, after all they already rule the house why not Siberia lol.


I want Meowth as my mayor. And I want Assad to be my President.


But more so than politicians! :wink:


Speaking of Russian cats…

This Cat Calendar Is Making the Russian Orthodox Church Go Viral


:rotfl::rotfl::hmmm: sometimes when I listen to our politicians I think a cat would make more sense. I’m hearing you Siberia, I’m hearing you. :thumbsup:


Looks like my mum will be moving to Siberia. She loves cats.


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